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Visit of chief secretary to RIMS

The chief secretary's surprise visits to several hospitals and primary health centres (PHCs) in different parts of Ranchi late on Wednesday night has forced government medical officials to sit up and take note of things.

 Tulsi Mahto of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (Rims) stayed back till late on Wednesday for "to ensure everything was alright", officials at the hospital said. However, Mahto said it was only a routine checking. At Ranchi sadar hospital, in-charge Gopal Srivastava denied that there was panic among the staff. But sources in the hospital said all staff have been asked to be reach office on time on Thursday after the media reported Chakraborty's surprise checks.

 Officials at PHCs are also alert. Sanjay Kumar, a medical officer at PHC in Ormajhi block, said all the staff have been asked to arrive on time. "Doctors have been asked not to skip duty. You never know when the CS comes calling," Kumar said.

 When the acting chief secretary Sajal Chakrabarty swooped in on hospitals in the dark of Wednesday, alarm bells went off among the rank and file of government medical centers in and around Ranchi. The medical officers of the public health centers to the director of the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), the fear of the CS arriving announced kept them on their heels as the attendants and doctors, who are otherwise hard to find, were instructed to be at the hospital premises and carry out their duties.

 Chakrabarty had announced a surprise inspection of medical centers to examine the attendance of doctors and improve the quality of medical facilities on Tuesday. He began his inspection late on Wednesday night and visited PHC s and CHCs in Ormajhi, Kanke, Patratu, Namkom and the Sadar hospital in Ramgarh. Accompanied by the director of state health directorate Dr. Sumant Mishra, the CS inspected the attendance of doctors in the night duty and examined the infrastructure available. One doctor at the Kanke CHC was suspended after she was found to have skipped her duty.

 Mishra said that the examinations like these are aimed at monitoring and strengthening the medical facility. "We are trying to improve the quality of treatment in the hospitals and such visits are required to monitor the quality," he said. source-telegraphindia.com

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