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रिम्स के सुपर स्पेशियलिटी ब्लॉक में जहरीली पार्थेनियम

RANCHI रिम्स सुपर स्पेशियलिटी डिपार्टमेंट कैंपस में उगी पार्थेनियम की घास जहर उगल रही है. रिम्स कॉटेज के पीछे उगी इस घास को हटाने के लिए रिम्स मैनेजमेंट ने अब तक कोई उपाय नहीं किया है. इस कारण रिम्स में इलाज कराने आए मरीज बीमार बन रहे हैं. रिम्स परिसर में यह घास सुपर स्पेशियलिटी ब्लॉक के अलावा भी दूसरे जगहों पर उग आई है.

जहरीली है पार्थेनियम

पर्यावरणविद डॉ नीतीश प्रियदर्शी ने बताया कि रिम्स सुपर स्पेशियलिटी ब्लॉक ही नहीं जहरीली पार्थेनियम घास जिसे गाजर घास भी कहा जाता है धीरे-धीरे पूरे शहर को घेर रही है. इस घास के फूलों से निकलनेवाले परागकण कई तरह की बीमारी देते हैं. यह पौधा जहां रहेगा, वहां लोगों में एलर्जी बढ़ जाती है. लोगों का छींकना-खांसना और दमा इसके लक्षण है. इसकी वजह से आंखों में पानी की शिकायत आम बात है. यह गाजर घास जहां उगती है, वहां दूसरा कोई पौधा नहीं उगता और यह जमीन को बंजर कर देती है. अगर गाय इस पौधे को खाती है तो उसका दूध कसैला हो जाता है.

कैंपस को साफ कराएंगे

रिम्स के डायरेक्टर डॉ तुलसी महतो ने कहा कि रिम्स सुपर स्पेशियलिटी ब्लॉक और उसके आसपास पार्थेनियम घास उग गई थी, जिसे हमने साफ कराया था. यह फिर से हो गई है. इसे फिर से परिसर से समाप्त किया जाएगा. उखड़वाने के बाद इसे जला दिया जाएगा, जिससे ये फिर न उगे.

कैसे आई पार्थेनियम?

इंडिया में गाजर घास या पार्थेनियम क्9म्0 में अमेरिका से आयातित गेहूं के साथ आई थी. इसे कांग्रेस घास के नाम से भी जाना जाता है. पार्थेनियम के संपर्क में आने से मनुष्यों में डर्मेटाइटिस, एक्जिमा, एलर्जी, बुखार, दमा जैसी बीमारियां हो जाती हैं. अगर पशु इसे अत्याधिक मात्रा में चर लेते हैं तो इससे उनकी मौत भी हो सकती है. source-inextlive.jagran.com


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Visit of chief secretary to RIMS

The chief secretary's surprise visits to several hospitals and primary health centres (PHCs) in different parts of Ranchi late on Wednesday night has forced government medical officials to sit up and take note of things.

 Tulsi Mahto of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (Rims) stayed back till late on Wednesday for "to ensure everything was alright", officials at the hospital said. However, Mahto said it was only a routine checking. At Ranchi sadar hospital, in-charge Gopal Srivastava denied that there was panic among the staff. But sources in the hospital said all staff have been asked to be reach office on time on Thursday after the media reported Chakraborty's surprise checks.

 Officials at PHCs are also alert. Sanjay Kumar, a medical officer at PHC in Ormajhi block, said all the staff have been asked to arrive on time. "Doctors have been asked not to skip duty. You never know when the CS comes calling," Kumar said.

 When the acting chief secretary Sajal Chakrabarty swooped in on hospitals in the dark of Wednesday, alarm bells went off among the rank and file of government medical centers in and around Ranchi. The medical officers of the public health centers to the director of the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), the fear of the CS arriving announced kept them on their heels as the attendants and doctors, who are otherwise hard to find, were instructed to be at the hospital premises and carry out their duties.

 Chakrabarty had announced a surprise inspection of medical centers to examine the attendance of doctors and improve the quality of medical facilities on Tuesday. He began his inspection late on Wednesday night and visited PHC s and CHCs in Ormajhi, Kanke, Patratu, Namkom and the Sadar hospital in Ramgarh. Accompanied by the director of state health directorate Dr. Sumant Mishra, the CS inspected the attendance of doctors in the night duty and examined the infrastructure available. One doctor at the Kanke CHC was suspended after she was found to have skipped her duty.

 Mishra said that the examinations like these are aimed at monitoring and strengthening the medical facility. "We are trying to improve the quality of treatment in the hospitals and such visits are required to monitor the quality," he said. source-telegraphindia.com

Medical college probe

To clean the medical set-up in the state, chief minister Hemant Soren ordered the state vigilance department to speed up the investigation concerning anomalies in admission procedures in all the three medical colleges in the state dating back to 2008. Soren expressed grave concern over the progress of the probe and ordered to finish it within three weeks on Monday.

 Investigators will probe into the admission procedures, which were followed since 2008, in the three medical colleges of the state - Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (Rims), Jamshedpur Medical College and the Patliputra Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) in Dhanbad.

 Cases of forgery during admissions first surfaced in 2008 during the medical entrance examinations when as many as 108 fake candidates turned up for writing exams for others. Though a probe was launched, no significant headway was made into the case since then.

 "We are informed that there are several students in the three medical colleges who used malpractices to get admitted to the three medical colleges," said an official at the chief minister's office. "Some of them have even passed out and some are on the verge of graduating," he said. Another top official at the CM's office, who refused to be named, said the CM was unhappy with the 'inordinate delay' in the probe and wanted the officials of the colleges, who were involved in the scam, to be nabbed as 'soon as possible'.

 While state health secretary B K Tripathi remained unavailable for comment, sources at the department said if found guilty, the officials will be stripped of their jobs and put behind bars. The accused students if found guilty will be removed from the colleges and the degrees stripped off in case of the passed out. "We are taking a zero tolerance policy on the issue," said an official.

 The Rims director Dr Tulsi Mahto said he was told about the development but was yet to receive an official communication. "We are yet to receive a notification from the government. We will lend every possible support in the investigation," Mahto said. source-timesofindia.indiatimes.com

First dengue case reported in Ranchi

With the onset of summers, the first dengue case of the year was detected in the state on Sunday. Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (Rims) in Ranchi tested a reserve force personnel positive after he was admitted to an isolation ward at the hospital with high fever and vomiting on April 15.

 R Duriapandi (30), a Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB) 49th Battalion jawan and a resident of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, complained of high fever during his deployment at Taimara area of Bundu, 29km east of Ranchi.

 But the hospital authorities said the patient is out of danger. Hospital staff on duty added that although they receive 10 cases of high fever and vomiting every week, Duriapandi was the first person tested positive this year. "Last year, the first case of dengue was detected in August. This year, the first case was reported early," said the sister in charge of the isolation ward at the hospital.

 While Rims received 100 cases till December last year, there were no deaths. According to the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program (NVDCP), 161 cases were registered across the state in 2013 against 75,454 nationally.

 As many as 1,203 cases have been registered nationally in 2014, with Kerala and Tamil Nadu recording 380 and 339 cases, respectively.

 "We are yet to get the detailed report of the person tested positive," said Dr Pradeep Baskey of the NVDCP state chapter. State malaria office sounded alarm for the city residents. "Months of April and May are transmission months and urban residents should clean stagnant water at regular intervals," Baskey said. "Air coolers are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes causing dengue and so should be cleaned regularly," he added. Source-timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

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