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Govt approves monthly stipend of 1,500 for paramedical students of RIMS

 State health ministry has agreed to give them monthly stipends, thus paying heed to one of their long standing demands. The students will now get Rs1,500 per month during their course.

"The decision was agreed upon earlier this week," said Dr Vivek Kashyap, principal of PCM department at Rims. Their other demands - permanent classrooms and dedicated faculty - are yet to be approved.

"The government said they need some time to meet our other demands," Kashyap added. The paramedical students at Rims are deprived of proper classrooms in their department since its inception and do not have full-time faculty. "Rims itself has a shortage of lecturers because they are tied up with under graduate and PG curriculums. They are unable to devote adequate time to the paramedical students," Kashyap said.

The students have also been demanding to change their apron colours from blue to white. "We look more like petrol pump operators and less like medical students in blue aprons," said Abhishek Kumar, a student at Rims. They have also demanded for hostel facility, which is yet to come their way. "All their demands have been sent to the state government. They are looking into the matter," Kashyap said.

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