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RIMS Ranchi associate professor attacks director

RANCHI: The office of director at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) was in a complete mess on Tuesday with pieces of broken glass were strewn all over along with official files.

Angry with the RIMS management for not getting a promotion, associate professor Surendra Singh barged into the office of the director and tried to attack him besides creating a ruckus in the cabin. Singh appeared for the examination conducted to promote RIMS officials but failed to clear it.

An angry Singh told the media, "This is the second time I have taken the test but have not been promoted. Last time the test was conducted when Tulsi Mahato was the director .

My juniors have been promoted but not me. The director does not want to promote me".

Director of RIMS, Tulsi Mahato looked shaken by the sudden attack. He said, "Singh entered my cabin and first tried to attack me with a flag kept on my table which I resisted. Then he started using abusive language, and flung the files kept on the table claiming that I was responsible for his failure."

He added, "When the officials present here tried to force him out of the cabin, he broke the glass door. When I followed him outside, he even kicked me but the guards arrived and escorted him outside the building." The director said proper action will be taken against Singh. "We will call a meeting and decide on what actions would be taken against him," said Mahato. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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