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First dengue case in Jharkhand

A middle aged man of Giridih, who was admitted in Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) on Thursday, was confirmed to have contracted dengue on Friday after various tests. The patient, Dashrath Yadav, who is kept in the isolation ward of RIMS is the first case of dengue in the state this year.

Dr J K Mitra, attending to the patient said, "After conducting several tests, we found that Dashrath is suffering from dengue but his condition is now stable."

RIMS director Tulsi Mahato said last year also there were several cases of dengue. He said, "We are prepared to deal with the situation in case we get more cases in the coming days but we can not do anything to stop spread of dengue. We can only play the role of advisor and tell people how to prevent dengue."

He added mosquitoes breed in dirty water. People should make sure that there is not dirty standing water in the locality they live in and the drains are regularly cleaned. Also people should sleep inside mosquito net to avoid mosquito bites. Even the municipal corporation should take a step towards fighting against these diseases and start defogging at their area of jurisdiction."

Health secretary K Vidyasagar said campaign against malaria and dengue is an ongoing process and they are always trying to make people aware about the vector borne diseases.

"The cases of dengue started coming in Jharkhand since 2010 mainly in the East Singhbhum region. The disease is no doubt spreading every year as this particular case is of Giridih and till last year there was no dengue case from that district," he said.

He added, "I have not yet got the report of the patient. Once I get the report we will be starting more campaigns and give directives towards protection from the disease." 


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