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MCI inspection of RIMS

Medical Council of India (MCI) representative Pradeep Garg visited RIMS in Ranchi on Thursday to take stock of resources available at the cradle and expressed satisfaction with what he saw.

The visit was part of an MCI inspection carried out regularly at institutes running postgraduate courses in medicine. The number of postgraduate seats at RIMS was raised from 12 to 16 in 2010.

Accompanied by RIMS director Tulsi Mahto and doctors N.K. Jha and R.S. Sharma, Garg reached RIMS at 9.30am and inspected the operation theatre, surgical wards, outdoor patients' department and academic area. He also checked admission and registration records of patient. The visit took over three hours.

Although Garg lauded the authorities on the overall maintenance of RIMS, he did not forget to come up with some suggestions aimed at benefiting doctors and patients alike. For example, he asked a senior house surgeon as to how they distinguished between an old patient and a new one. On receiving no response from the stumped doctor, Garg suggested adopting a system of differentiating between old and new patient.

"Unless such systems are adopted, it will be difficult to find out the number of new entrants on a daily basis. Also, following up on old patients and understanding their case-history on subsequent visits won't be easy," he said.

He also advised that only patients and their attendants should be allowed inside the medical area. source-telegraphindia.com

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