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RIMS Hygiene a distant dream

RANCHI: Patients at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences ( RIMS) are living in squalor with most of the critical wards lacking cleanliness and hygiene.

Bed sheets are not cleaned and many patients complain of unwashed sheets with blood stains on them. Patients and attendants are compelled to use the same bed sheet for days. When asked, a patient in the labour room, who was lying on a mattress on the floor as beds were not available, said her sheet was changed on Thursday yet it looked dirty and had blood stains on it.

The white bed sheets in some rooms have turned yellow. "They (ward boys) were also giving me a blanket but after seeing its condition, I refused to take it. It smelt awful and even had blood stains on it. As we have come here for treatment now we are helpless and have to make do with whatever is given to us," she said.

Washrooms near the emergency ward, the central laboratory and the 'sanjha chulha', or the common oven that is used by the patients' attendants, areas are badly in need of cleaning and sanitizing.

One of the attendants said the hospital does not provide extra bed sheets, and most of the time, it is said the sheets are in laundry.

"My husband was here for the past 18 days and was using the same bed sheet everyday. When I went to ask for a new one the nurse said clean bed sheets are with the washerwoman. At last I washed it on my own," she recalled.

Similar was the situation in the surgery ward.

The nurse, who is in charge of the labour room, said they change bed sheets frequently and the blood stains never go even if washed properly. Since the women here are not kept for long so when the patient comes they are given a new one and when they leave their bedsheet is changed. Similar argument was given by the nurses in charge of the surgery wing.

This apart, two male toilets were also found unclean and the obnoxious stench was could be felt from metres away. The floor of the toilet was wet, water logged and dirty. The toilet near the emergency ward was found locked.

A person coming out of the washroom had this to say, "It's very dirty as people don't use the flush. The stink is so bad that I had to hold my breath and go inside."

The drinking water area of 'sanjha chulha' isn't any better. It was found wet with water all over the floor. People throw left overs so the tap area has been blocked. The dustbins kept there were overflowing and dogs were seen roaming around the dustbins in search of food.

The medical superintendent, S K Chaudhary refused to accept the allegations. He said they have enough number of clean bed sheets and blankets in stock. As far as the toilet is concerned he said people from the adjacent bank use them so he can't comment. About the sanjha chulha area he said people are responsible for making it dirty but sweepers do clean the entire area in the morning. Source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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