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RIMS doctors submitted their long-pending charter of demands to governor's adviser

Doctors working at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences ( RIMS), Ranchi have submitted their long-pending charter of demands to governor's adviser K Vijay Kumar hoping that the pleas will be heard during the President's Rule.

Prabhat Kumar, the secretary of the Jharkhand Medical Teachers' Association, said the doctors had often put forward their demands to former health minister Hemlal Murmu, principal secretary K Vidyasagar, but no action had been taken.

"Now, we hope that in the wake of the President's Rule things may turn in favour of us."

Elaborating on the demands, Kumar said, "We have only three issues. We have always demanded that we should be recognized as state government employees so that we too can enjoy the post-retirement benefits like pension and gratuity. We are also demanding that like other states we should also get dynamic assured career promotion (ACP) benefits. Jharkhand follows many things which happen in Bihar, but the dynamic ACP has not been followed in the state. Apart from these, we also want that we should be given timely promotions."

Kumar said they would hold a meeting on Tuesday to decide on their future strategy. On Wednesday there will be a general body meeting in the hospital in which all the departments will raise their demands. "We have also decided to put forward the demands once again and see what they (the authorities) have to say."

Adviser Vijay Kumar refused to say much on the issue. "I will discuss these demands with the health secretary and get the details from them first," he said. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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