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International Travelling Uranium Film Festival will begin on January 15

International Travelling Uranium Film Festival will begin here on January 15 to spread awareness on nuclear issue and engage people in developments related to nuclear energy.

The three-day festival will screen some of the world's best videos, documentaries, fiction films and animation movies covering various facets of the issue.

The festival started in Delhi on January 4 and travelled to Shillong. Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities, which hosted the event.

"The response of the audience was good in these cities. People wanted the movies to be screened in the rural areas also to create awareness among them," said Shriparaksh, the Indian co-coordinator of the film festival.

Shriprakash said a variety of films would help in creating a total picture, bring to light the pros and cons of nuclear energy and help people take a stand on the issue.

"The film festival will also screen various genres of films from animation, short film, fiction and comedy. Last year, the festival was hosted in Brazil and that is when we decided to bring the festival here.

Talking about the films, Shriprakash said: "The inaugural film will be an animated movie 'Leonid's Story', which is 19 minutes long and is directed by Rainer Ludwigs.

Some movies like 'Radioactive Wolves', a 52-minute film directed by Klaus Feichtenberger basically talks about the aftermaths of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on the animal population 25 to 30 years after it took place.

'Into Eternity' directed by Michael Madsen got the best feature documentary jury award in 2011, which talks about the underground space being built by Finland to preserve the nuclear wastes and the challenges they face while doing it."

The inauguration will be held at Central University of Jharkhand. Next day the film festival will be held at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sceinces which will conclude with the 'Synergy Fest' going at RIMS.

On the third day, films will be screened for general public at International Library and Cultural Centre (IILC).

"There will be a panel discussion at the RIMS with the students as health is an issue attached with nuclear energy. At IILC, the panel discussion will be held with experts and film critics. Students of central university will get an exposure to different genres of movies. If they have made any such movie, they can show it to the directors here," said Shriprakash.

Norbert G Shuchanek, the international festival director, said: "Brazil is a country which is investing a lot in nuclear energy by building nuclear submarines, nuclear power plants.source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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