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RIMS doctors threaten stir

Doctors at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) are all set to launch a stir against the management and the health department if the state fails to treat them on a par with doctors of other hospitals. They are demanding Assured Career Promotion (ACP) and other benefits, which doctors of other hospitals are entitled to.

"We have been demanding equal treatment for many years. But our demands have been ignored. Rules say there should be promotion every six years. Also, promotions should be given if there are vacancies. Either we are treated as general government doctors or be transferred elsewhere," said the secretary of the Jharkhand Medical Teachers' Association, Prabhat Kumar. He said doctors were in a combative mood. While some have already left the hospital, others are planning to do so. "The institute told us we are not getting ACP because we are with RIMS. But if doctors with other medical colleges can get ACP, why not us?" he questioned.

"We have been appointed by the government and so government rules should be applicable to us," said assistant professor in the department of anesthesia, Praveen Tiwary, adding, "on many occasions, there are vacancies, and yet we are not promoted. So we have decided to shift. But if we are asked to stay, we should get all the benefits that other doctors get."

The doctors are planning to send a letter to the RIMS director, Tulsi Mahto, the principal secretary of health, K Vidyasagar, and the state health minister, Hemlal Murmu.

"We will give them a month to respond," said Tiwary. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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