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Medical Protection Act

Members of Coordination Committee for Medical Protection Act in Jharkhand met Chief Minister Arjun Munda on Tuesday and gave him draft of proposed model of 'Medical Protection Act' as prepared by the committee.

Chief convener of the co-ordination committee Dr Bharti Kashyap said that the cases of violence and ill treatment of medical professional by family members of patients had been rising in the state. "It undermines the respectability of medical professionals, cause mental problems to them and leads to blockade of medical services across the State," she said.

The Coordination Committee formed in 2011 had the mandate to prepare a draft of Medical Protection Act. They had to meet the Secretary, Health Department, the Health Minister and the CM to make efforts to get the draft discussed in the cabinet to get its approval.

India Medical Association (IMA) Ranchi President RS Das, Jharkhand Ophthalmic Society President BP kashyap, Association of Hospital and Nursing Homes in Ranchi President Yogesh Gambhir are among the members of the coordination Committee. The draft prepared by the committee also has the backing of the Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FJCCI).

In 2011 in the committee had met Health Secretary K Vidyasagar twice; in September and in December. They had given him a copy of draft of Medical Protection Act. At that time chiefs of ten different Social Service Institutes had also pledged their written support to the provisions of the draft.

The provisions in the act are inspired by the provisions in Medical Protection Act in various state including Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar and others.

According to sources there had not been opposition from any party with the proposed draft but for some reasons it could not be discussed in the cabinet.

Today, to expedite the process of making the 'Medical Protection Act' a reality of the State the committee met Chief Minister led by the committee chief Dr Bharti Kashyap.

After reading the proposed draft of the Medical Protection Act, the CM said that he would take immediate action and talk to the Health Minister and inquire as to why the draft was not discussed in the Cabinet. The CM said, "The proposed draft will be handy in curbing migration of doctors from State." source-dailypioneer.com

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