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Closure of generic drug stores on Sunday creating problem for people

Generic drug stores which were inaugurated Sadar hospital and Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) four days back remained closed on Sunday due to staff crunch. Many people faced problems in availing the medicines.

Roshanlal was passing by that lane when he stopped to get medicine for his child and went back in a depressed mood. "My child was not well and I was just passing by this road so I thought to get the medicine from here itself. But the doors are closed and now I don't have any option but to go to regular medical shops and get those costly branded medicine from a general medical shop."

Director of RIMS Tulsi Mahato, however, defended the closure of the shop. "The shops will remain close on Sundays. This is just at an initial stage as the scheme is to provide cost effective medicines to the common people. People shouldn't face any problem as work earlier was also done and even now will be done by the general medical stores. Such shops have opened today and before their opening people used to manage somehow. Apart from this there is also staff crunch and availability of medicines is also an issue which until it gets worked out properly the shops will remain close on Sundays and open only on working days."

Civil surgeon AK Chaudhary accepted that staff crunch is the major problem which they are facing due to which they have decided to close the shops on Sundays.

"The staff is a major problem which we are facing due to which it has become difficult to run the generic stores on a daily basis. Even on weekdays also we open the stores during OPD timings from 9-4 pm. With time maybe when we will recruit some more people then only we can run them whole week in a more proper manner and then people can easily avail them."  source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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