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Medicos are the worst raggers- UGC database - UP colleges tops the list, ahead of MP, Karnataka

A database of complaints received by anti-ragging helpline set up by the University Grants Commission (UGC)  shows that medical colleges are the most notorious for ragging cases.

Colleges in Uttar Pradesh are at the top of the list of bad repute, logging 31 of the 153 complaints of ragging from medical colleges all over the country recorded by the helpline from 2009 to March 2012 .

Medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh come second with 15 incidents, followed by Karnataka from where students have lodged 12 complaints.

Rajendra Kachru, whose trust has recently been assigned to see the day-to-day affairs of anti-ragging helpline and portal, told Deccan Herald that  incidences of ragging are exceptionally high in medical colleges when the data is put against the total number colleges: 355.

"Medical colleges are very less in number. Since 2009, the helpline recorded as many as 153 complaints only from medical colleges. It's a matter of serious concern," he said.Whereas the number of engineering colleges is over 6,000, only 666 ragging incidents were reported from them.

The anti-ragging help line has received 11 complaints of ragging from medical colleges in Tamil Nadu, 10 each from West Bengal, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and Uttaranchal contributed one each to the total number.

MCI apathy

Kachru blamed Medical Council of India (MCI) for the rampant ragging in medical colleges.

"Firstly, ragging has been a long tradition in medical colleges. Institutions like IITs also had it in past, but regulatory bodies like AICTE took strong initiatives to curb such practices. Awareness drives were launched and they yielded the desired result. Ragging in IITs now is almost non-existent. But in the case of medical colleges, such things are missing," he explained.

He said it was "very difficult" to communicate with the medical colleges and their students as "the MCI is not pro-active".  

He said all the regulatory bodies, including Indian Nursing Council and Pharmacy Council of India, often attend yearly meetings organised to discuss anti-ragging programmes.

"But MCI hardly participates in such meetings. Some junior officer would come, just to mark the MCI's attendance at the meeting," Kachru added. source-deccanherald.com

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