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Huge rush of patients to RIMS suffering from heat ailments

Patients are not getting beds at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) because of a huge rush of patients suffering from heat ailments. The rush could be seen every day at the outdoor department of the hospital.

"This year, the summer has wrecked havoc. It is extremely hot and we are receiving over 1,300 patients daily. Most of them are suffering from summer-related diseases," said S K Chaudhary, the medical superintendent of the RIMS.

There are 900 beds at the RIMS. An estimated 1,400 patients are currently admitted to the hospital. There are 232 beds in the medicine ward of the hospital. All seats were occupied throughout in the last month. "As there is a shortage of beds, many patients have to lie on the floor," said a doctor.

RIMS head of the medicine department A K Mahto said all patients were being taken care of. "Mainly cases of malaria, viral fever and summer diarrhoea are being reported," Mahto said.

Doctors-Teachers Association secretary at the RIMS Prabhat Kumar said, "The outdoors of medicine, paediatrics, dermatology and gynaecology are witnessing a huge load. The number has almost 60% increased."

"It looks as if the global warming has hit Ranchi in the worst kind of way it can affect any place. Historically, Ranchi was never so hot," said Ansari.At Apollo Hospital, too, patients suffering from high fever, viral infection, malaria, summer diarrhoea, allergy and other summer diseases are coming in more numbers. "The hardest hit are the children," said Pranav Mandal.

At another city hospital, Tabssum Alam Hosptial, too, the scene is similar. "At times, we fall short of support staff and helpers to take care of the huge rush of patients suffering from summer-related diseases," said Tabssum Alam, head of the hospital. The number of patients suffering from skin rashes, allergies, sunburns, and other diseases is more than last year.

Over 1,000 patients visited city's Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital with complaints of irritation, burning sensation and itching in eyes. "Eyes are the most exposed parts in the body. In summer, chances of cataract are also intense. Mainly children are suffering from the problems," said Bharti Kashyap, chief executive officer of the hospital. source-timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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