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No cut down in RIMS, Ranchi seats - MCI

The state's premier hospital and medical college, the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences(RIMS), will not cut down the number of seats for admission to its MBBS course this year.

About a week earlier disappointment had run through the aspiring doctors in the state as speculation was rife that the Medical Council of India (MCI) would cut down the MBBS seats at the RIMS from existing 150 to 90.

A few months ago, an MCI team, which was unimpressed with the state of affairs at the hospital, had threatened the RIMS with de-recognition. The RIMS was asked by the MCI to improve the medical college's academic and medical infrastructure.

The MCI team had found several important posts in the hospital vacant. Many posts of the resident doctors were vacant and rather than making fresh appointments, the hospital was trying to give extension to some of the existing doctors. Other mandatory MCI guidelines were also not being followed as desired by the regulatory body. The institute was given three months to improve the state of the afairs.

RIMS director Tulsi Mahto said, "I received the confirmation (of not slashing MBBS seats) from the MCI on Monday evening. The MCI is satisfied with the improvement that has come at the RIMS and after carrying out a re-inspection, the MCI members have altered their views."

The RIMS will now take 150 students for its MBBS course in 2012-13. There is a 50 % reservation on MBBS seats for students from Jharkhand at the RIMS but now 75 seats will be reserved for them. The remaining 75 seats will be open for students from across the country.

Former RIMS director S N Chaudhary said, "There is already a stiff competition for 75 seats among the students of Jharkhand."

Till 2010, admission to MBBS course was offered at the RIMS to 90 students. In June last year, the MCI had approved increasing the number of MBBS seats at the RIMS. But only one year later, the RIMS's capability to teach MBBS to 150 students was challenged.

"People with vested interests had provided some misinformation to MCI investigators after which they had threatened to cut down the number of seats," said the RIMS director. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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