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RIMS store room on Fire

There was a chaotic situation on Sunday morning at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), when a fire broke out in the store room of the hospital. The fire started as a result of short circuit in the store room provided to Annapurna Utility, which supplies cleaning devices and chemicals to the hospital. The store is on the ground floor next to the emergency ward.

"We saw smoke coming from the store room and found the room engulfed in flames. We immediately called the fire brigade and within half-an-hour the fire was extinguished," said security guard Awadh Pathak. Another guard, Amarnath Jha said, "Four fire brigades came. But there was shortage of firemen. So all of us took the water pipes and extinguished the fire."

In the fire, all the cleaning machines and chemicals were burnt to ash. Bablu Khan, security officer at RIMS said, "There has been a damage of around Rs 8 to 10 lakh. Luckily it was Sunday and early morning, so very few people were around."

When asked about the fire-fighting devices in the hospital, a guard said, "There is no system of prevention from fisaidre in the hospital. The fire extinguishers are just show pieces and cannot be used."

Khan said, "This should be a lesson for the hospital administration and also the government. The roads to the hospital are so narrow that it is difficult for the fire brigade van to reach there. Luckily, the fire was on the ground floor, if it was at higher-level, it would have been difficult to control the fire." Asked about the fire-fighting device, Khan said, "Fire extinguishers were installed in 2006, but they are all non-functional and have not been refilledWe will be refilling them soon

RIMS wakes up from slumber

The fire in the storeroom of the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) has proved to be an eye-opener for the hospital authorities who have finally decided to invite a tender for the maintenance of fire extinguishers there.

"The administration has finally decided that the advertisement for the tender will be sent to newspaper offices and published on Tuesday," said RIMS security officer Bablu Khan.

When the fire broke out at the RIMS on Sunday, it was found that the fire extinguishers in the hospital were not useful. "The extinguishers had been installed in 2006 and they should have been refilled every year as the gas inside evaporates but this did not happen. When people tried to use it, it was found that none of them was working," said Khan.

The tender will be just for the refilling of the old extinguishers and installation of new ones. New extinguishers will be installed as required after consulting with heads of all departments, said Khan. "The other fire-fighting systems like sprinklers and fire alarms will be installed only after the proposal is sent to the government which is not possible now as director Tulsi Mahto is out of station," he added.

At the RIMS, there is not a single system to control fire. The extinguishers do not have gas in them, there is no system of water hose on every floor to control fire and neither is there a fire alarm.

Also, there is only one ramp in the hospital and no emergency exits in many wards. "The only good thing about the hospital is there are many exit points. Earlier, when the hospital was made there was ample space for the fire brigade vehicle to move around and put out the fire but after the extension of its new building it is not possible for it to reach every corner of the hospital," said Khan.

In 2004, 2005 and 2006, there have been incidents of fire in the basement of the hospital. In 2008, fire broke out at the blood bank and in 2009 there was fire at the orthopaedics ward, but it seems the RIMS is yet to learn a lesson. source-timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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