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RIMS misuses AIDS society gift - hi-tech mobile blood collection and testing van to villages

 The fully air-conditioned van — equipped with blood collection and testing kits, including that for HIV, a battery-operated mini-fridge, three donor couches and a music system — stands parked on RIMS campus while the driver has been transformed as the odd-jobs man.

Rather, it will be better to say that RIMS officials, including director Tulsi Mahto, find it more convenient to make the driver run errands rather than fix up mobile blood collection and donation drives as well as HIV tests at remote villages.

Matters would have continued this way, but now JSACS has finally woken up to the fact that its twin gifts were either unused or abused.

The JSACS project director, Aradhana Patnaik, on Thursday shot off a strongly worded letter to Mahto.

"We came to know through numerous instances that the RIMS director has deputed the driver in other activities. So, as a first step, I have directed him to use the driver only for the mobile van and not in other activities," Patnaik said.

But she didn't say what they would do if the RIMS director pretended to be deaf.

"Let's see. We haven't thought of any showcause till now in this regard," she said.

At the RIMS campus, an official quipped: "The hospital campus is more like a parking bay for this van. Its wheels have hardly seen the streets. Initially, a few camps were held on the outskirts. Recently, we haven't seen the van in action."

Well, the driver has been seen in action. So much so, that fatigued from all the running around, he goes off to snooze inside the van once in a while.

What is the RIMS director's take on this (to put it kindly) mistake? "We will duly revert with our explanation accordingly to the AIDS control society," he said, deadpan. source-.telegraphindia.com

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