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Ragging fear in RIMS, Ranchi

RANCHI: First year students of the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) want to stay away from hostels fearing ragging by seniors. Most of the freshers have opted to stay in rented accommodations outside the campus to avoid late night torture.
An incident of ragging was reported from the campus about a month back and ever since students have been panicking.

One of the victims, a first year student, claimed he suffered partial hearing loss after some of his seniors hit him on the ear.

However, RIMS director Tulsi Mahato, claimed that no student is running away from the campus. "I am personally keeping an eye on the activities of students to ensure no fresher is harassed. The occupancy rate in hostels is less because the process of allotment of hostels is still on," said Mahato.

Comments from Ragging India Team - It is a tradition in RIMS to rag freshers. Students are not allowed to stay in hostel by Seniors. RIMS authority has no control over the Hostel allotment/management. It is all in the hands of seniors. Though a record is maintained by the RIMS authotiry but in fact seniors rules the hostel. The palce of ragging is roof top of the hostel and behind the RIMS capus in paddy fields.Time of ragging - mid night to early morning. Period of ragging - upto four moths from the date of joining.

Sources in the medical college said out of 150 students in the first year, almost 90 per cent have not shifted to hostels.

"The ragging sessions will slowly come down and in the next couple of months all the students will start living in hostels," said a source, adding that in the mean time they will develop a healthy relation with seniors.

Mahato said that since staying in hostel is not compulsory, students are free to opt for accommodation outside. "First year students staying in private accommodations should not be related to ragging," he added.

At the same time the director admitted that there was a case of ragging, which was brought to his notice sometime back. "Parents of a student, as well as the anti-ragging cell of the University Grants Commission, which has a toll free number for registering complaints against ragging, had brought the case to my notice. I have constituted a team which is looking into the matter. The moment I receive the report, action will be taken against the students involved in ragging," said Mahato.

On the other hand SP (city) Ranjit Prasad said the police are yet to receive any written complaint from a victim or an institute. "We came to know about ragging through local newspapers in which it was said that victims had approached the police but we are yet to receive any complaint. Let them approach the police. Only then we will be able to take action," said the SP.



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