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RIMS docs conduct critical surgery

RANCHI: Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) could be notorious in terms of defunct medical equipment, regular strikes and bottlenecks in terms of limited infrastructure in comparison to the flow of patients but when it comes to performing rare surgery or medical assistance to a poor patient, the hospital is still the last word in the state.

A team of eight doctors has carried out an extremely complicated but successful surgery of pancreatic carcinoma on an underprivilged 45-year-old lady. A premiere medical institution where money is not the buzz word to deal with seriousness of the disease, the team of doctors engaged for nine long hours to remove cancerous cells from her pancreas.

Performed under N K Jha, Sakentan Bhagat (chief surgeon) Mrityunjai Sarawgi, endoscopic surgeon A K Tiwary, Babu Mani Baski, Tapas Raja, Saibal, Sailesh Rashid, Azhar, Appa and Shyam Sunder Sahu with assistance of anaesthetist A Haque and Manoj carried out the surgery that was partially to remove the cancerous cells and partially to reconstruct the entire hepato-pancreatic system of the patient. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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