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(RIMS) may be gearing up to earn a super-speciality medical centre tag,

Ranchi, Nov. 4: Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) may be gearing up to earn a super-speciality medical centre tag, but even the most basic infrastructure like elevators are lying defunct in the hospital that caters to roughly 3,000 patients daily.

Eight of the 11 elevators at the premier hospital don't work, forcing patients, doctors, nurses, medical students and attendants to scramble for place in the remaining three.

While elevator no. 1 near the director's chamber is almost exclusively used by medical students, numbers 7 and 8 are open to all.

And the strain on the two working elevators is showing. On Thursday afternoon, a visitor from Simdega and another from Gumla got stuck in the lift while heading down from the fourth floor maternity ward. A security guard rushed to help, but could do little else than console the two as the elevator attendant was missing. The attendant could be traced only after 15 minutes and the elevator restarted.

"I had heard about these problems in RIMS, and today I experienced it. Next time, I will take the stairs," said Laxmi Devi, who had come to visit her sister admitted in the hospital.

Just minutes before the lift got stuck, Latehar resident Raj Kumar had walked out of it, unable to go to the fourth floor, as the number indicating the floor had disappeared from the panel with repeated use.

According to a security guard at the hospital, the elevators have been lying defunct for months. "Except elevator number 2, which stopped working last month, the rest have been out of order for at least six months," he said.

He alleged that the problems started after the annual maintenance contract for the elevators expired in April.

RIMS superintendent M.K. Rai admitted the problem and said Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB), which is supposed to maintain the elevators, has been informed. He added that the elevators would start working soon, though he refused to give a timeframe.

When contacted, JSEB executive engineer S. Minz said maintenance work was going on and would be completed soon. However, another visit to the hospital showed no work was being carried out on any of the defunct machines.

Nursing superintendent of RIMS H. Dadel expressed concern over the delay in repairing the lifts.

"Each moment is crucial for saving a patient. In this situation, delay in repairing of elevators is not in the interest of patients," she said.source-telegraphindia.com

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