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Not every family can afford to fix solar panels to their roofs or erect a wind turbine, but there are still steps you can take to save energy and therefore money.

1. Switch your electricity supply to a green tariff that promises to supply electricity from renewable sources.
2. Save on your heating bill by insulating and draught-proofing your home.
3. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. They can use one quarter the electricity and last ten times as long.
4. Recycle paper, plastic, glass and metals. You not only save natural resources, but the energy that goes into making and transporting them.
5. Choose products that have less packaging -then you have less to recycle
6. Don't leave electrical equipment, like TVs and computers on standby they can use up to 75% of the electricity they use when turned on.
7. Take your mobile phone charger out of the socket when not being used.
8. Turn your thermostat down 1°C – you could save 10% on your fuel bills.
9. Only use your washing machine when there is a full load. Set your washing machine to warm or cool washes.
10. Fix leaking taps. A hot tap dripping could waste enough water each day for one bath.
11. Don't overheat your water. The recommended level is 60°C.
12. A full freezer uses less electricity than a half empty one – and if that isn't a good reason for buying more ice cream….
13. Kettles – if you don't need a full kettle of water don't boil a full kettle of water!
14. Dry your washing outside on the line when the weather is fine.
15. Hang reflective foil (with the shiny side facing the radiator) behind radiators fitted to outside walls to reduce heat loss.
16. Line your curtains and close them at dusk.
17. When choosing electrical appliances, make sure what you are buying is energy efficient.
18. Wearing t-shirts in winter and turning the heater up is just silly, put on warmer clothes.
19. Remember to turn the lights off when you leave the room ...... unless somebody else is still in the room!

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