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First day in college - A Few Tips

Mumbai: The transition from uniforms to trendy clothes, and from teachers to professors can bring with it a mixed bag of emotions for youngsters who are about to set their foot into college on the first day.

Youngsters might have to deal with anxiety, excitement and nervousness — emotions that they'll have to learn to take in their stride. Also, fear of facing seniors and the possibility of ragging have to be dealt with.

A few cool tips from those who have already been there and done will surely help youngsters to sail smoothly through the initial days of college.

VJ Juhi Pandey remembers deciding to keep to herself at least for the first week of college. "I thought of keeping to myself for at least a week of college and then take it as it comes. But I remember making a couple of friends on day one and it was a very natural process. I didn't really have to take any extra efforts to do so," she says. "I would definitely tell the young guys to look around, be willing to meet new people, reach out and make friends," she adds.

And what about ragging? This is one sensitive issue that has to be dealt with some amount of maturity. VJ Cyrus Sahukar recalls his day one of college. He says, "I made all kinds of weird plans like wearing spectacles to college so that I look older and don't get ragged. But that of course didn't work because I was making a deliberate effort to escape college and ragging, ultimately I was made to act like a mad dog and had to bark at everyone who entered the college gate." He continues, "If you think that things are getting humiliating, don't be party to that kind of behavior. If it's in good humour, be sporting and don't fear."

Psychologist Deepti Makhija says that some amount of anxiety is very normal. "If you are not experiencing anxiety, you must be lying. The fact that it is normal is soothing. However, don't go overboard with preparing for day one. Just be yourself and have a good time. That is most important," advices Deepti.source:DNAINDIA

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