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First day in college - A Few Tips

Mumbai: The transition from uniforms to trendy clothes, and from teachers to professors can bring with it a mixed bag of emotions for youngsters who are about to set their foot into college on the first day.

Youngsters might have to deal with anxiety, excitement and nervousness — emotions that they'll have to learn to take in their stride. Also, fear of facing seniors and the possibility of ragging have to be dealt with.

A few cool tips from those who have already been there and done will surely help youngsters to sail smoothly through the initial days of college.

VJ Juhi Pandey remembers deciding to keep to herself at least for the first week of college. "I thought of keeping to myself for at least a week of college and then take it as it comes. But I remember making a couple of friends on day one and it was a very natural process. I didn't really have to take any extra efforts to do so," she says. "I would definitely tell the young guys to look around, be willing to meet new people, reach out and make friends," she adds.

And what about ragging? This is one sensitive issue that has to be dealt with some amount of maturity. VJ Cyrus Sahukar recalls his day one of college. He says, "I made all kinds of weird plans like wearing spectacles to college so that I look older and don't get ragged. But that of course didn't work because I was making a deliberate effort to escape college and ragging, ultimately I was made to act like a mad dog and had to bark at everyone who entered the college gate." He continues, "If you think that things are getting humiliating, don't be party to that kind of behavior. If it's in good humour, be sporting and don't fear."

Psychologist Deepti Makhija says that some amount of anxiety is very normal. "If you are not experiencing anxiety, you must be lying. The fact that it is normal is soothing. However, don't go overboard with preparing for day one. Just be yourself and have a good time. That is most important," advices Deepti.source:DNAINDIA

UGC,officials open helpline against ragging in Engg. colleges

Kakinada, 11th June: Advising students not to spoil their careers by resorting to ragging, East Godavari district Collector M. Ravi Chandra on Thursday said that Raghavan Committee, appointed by the University Grants Commission (UGC), had studied the scenario of ragging in educational institutions and recommended stringent action against the guilty.

In a statement here, Mr. Ravi Chandra said that the committee recommended the suspension of students who resorted to ragging, immediate cancellation of benefits like scholarship and fellowship, not allowing them for examinations, with holding their results and suspending them from hostel.

"The committee also recommended levying of fine up to Rs. 2.5 lakh and keeping the offenders away from educational institutions for certain period," he explained. Mr. Ravi Chandra said that the UGC, in association with the BSNL set up a toll-free number 1800-180-5522 for providing assistance to the ragging victims.

This was in addition to the website www.helpline@antiragging.net, he said.source:Timesofindia

Hazaribagh medicos call off strike

HAZARIBAGH (Jharkhand): About 150 doctors of Hazaribagh, belonging to the Jharkhand Health Services Association (Jhasa), called off their strike on the third day following assurances by the administration that those behind the assault of a colleague would be brought to book.

Earlier in the day some 500 doctors belonging to the Hazaribagh district unit of the IMA also went on a 24-hour strike in solidarity with their Jhasa colleagues.

The medicos launched strike on June 14 after their colleague civil surgeon Dr Vijay Kumar Prasad was beaten up in the premises of Hazaribagh Sadar Hospital following the death of accident victim Prakash Kumar of Kanchanpur village whose family alleged medical negligence.

Later in the day, deputy commissioner Vandana Dadel assured a Jhasa and IMA delegation that the administration would clamp down on all those behind the attack on Prasad and ensure proper security in the hospital compound.

Regarding the withdrawal of cases against two doctors of the Hazarfikbagh Sadar Hospital filed by patient's kins, the DC said it will be considered after submission of report by the SDO, Hazaribagh Akhauri Sashank Sinha who has been asked to inquire the entire incident.

A Jhasa spokesman then announced calling off the agitation in the larger interest of the public.

Chief secretary A.K.Singh also took serious note of the assault on civil surgeon and asserted the government will ensure doctors or any other official were present at their places of work in the appointed hours. source:TimesofIndia


Not every family can afford to fix solar panels to their roofs or erect a wind turbine, but there are still steps you can take to save energy and therefore money.

1. Switch your electricity supply to a green tariff that promises to supply electricity from renewable sources.
2. Save on your heating bill by insulating and draught-proofing your home.
3. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. They can use one quarter the electricity and last ten times as long.
4. Recycle paper, plastic, glass and metals. You not only save natural resources, but the energy that goes into making and transporting them.
5. Choose products that have less packaging -then you have less to recycle
6. Don't leave electrical equipment, like TVs and computers on standby they can use up to 75% of the electricity they use when turned on.
7. Take your mobile phone charger out of the socket when not being used.
8. Turn your thermostat down 1°C – you could save 10% on your fuel bills.
9. Only use your washing machine when there is a full load. Set your washing machine to warm or cool washes.
10. Fix leaking taps. A hot tap dripping could waste enough water each day for one bath.
11. Don't overheat your water. The recommended level is 60°C.
12. A full freezer uses less electricity than a half empty one – and if that isn't a good reason for buying more ice cream….
13. Kettles – if you don't need a full kettle of water don't boil a full kettle of water!
14. Dry your washing outside on the line when the weather is fine.
15. Hang reflective foil (with the shiny side facing the radiator) behind radiators fitted to outside walls to reduce heat loss.
16. Line your curtains and close them at dusk.
17. When choosing electrical appliances, make sure what you are buying is energy efficient.
18. Wearing t-shirts in winter and turning the heater up is just silly, put on warmer clothes.
19. Remember to turn the lights off when you leave the room ...... unless somebody else is still in the room!

Welcome to college - Make College Ragging Free

BANGALORE: A colourful rangoli at the entrance, a huge banner saying 'Welcome to College', sugar candy for new comers... Colleges are getting ready to welcome their new students.

With hardly a week left for I PU classes to begin, colleges across the city are bustling with energy that marks the memorable opening day.

Various colleges are laying out the red carpet differently. For instance, G R Group of Educational Institutions is going traditional, with a Saraswati pooja and rangoli. "We want to make it eco-friendly. We won't allow any decorations with paper or plastic," founder-director Geetha Ramanujam said.

Most colleges have scheduled the induction programme on the first day, at which students will be briefed on the college rules and regulations. "We want them to get a feel of college. Classes will be only for two hours. It'll be an ice-breaking session," said M Prakash, principal, Sheshadripuram First Grade College, Yelahanka.

Colleges are trying to get top names for the inaugural session. "We have roped in K R Srinivasan, former director-general of police as the chief guest," said principal A P Rao of Vijaya PU College. For NMKRV, it is educationist Ali Khwaja, who will speak on career counselling.

Students need not fear ragging at all, assure college officials. "We don't need to specifically talk about it but on our campus, we don't allow ragging. The new students can feel completely safe," said SBMJ College principal B T Venkatesh.

Some like Reva College said they have already formed discipline committees which will go around the campus and keep a strict check on ragging. Other colleges don't want to lose the spirit of fun. "During the ice-breaking session, students need to introduce themselves. If someone is good in dancing, others can ask her to dance. This will happen only when the teachers are around," said Prakash.

Some colleges are also figuring out dress codes. While most want students to "dress appropriately", others are putting codes in place. "MES students must follow the code designed by the college, which consists of formal outfits for boys and salwaar-kameez with dupatta for girls," said principal Prabhavati B G.
As students anxiously wait for Day 1, colleges seem to be making all efforts to make it a smooth ride. source

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