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Doctors on their guard in crime city

Closed-circuit televisions, mobile jammers & trained canines part of contingency plans.

Jamshedpur, Jan. 15: Self-help is the best help. Doctors, who have been at the receiving end of heightened criminal activity in the steel city, are swearing by this adage.

While most have stopped entertaining direct calls from patient parties, many are mulling closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs), mobile jammers and canine guards. Some have already applied for arms licences.

"We are doing these for obvious reasons. Doctors have become soft targets. We have to be on our guard," said A.K. Lal, a general surgeon, who now keeps the grille gate at the entrance of his clinic in Hata half-closed. He also plans a collapsible shutter soon.

"I am extra cautious while driving some 18km to reach my 18-bed clinic at Hata. I have decided not to travel alone. I have applied for a pistol licence and will install CCTVs at my chamber," he said.

A.C. Akhauri, president of the city unit of Indian Medical Association (IMA), has adopted "contingency measures" too. Employees at his Adityapur-based clinic have started collecting details of every visiting patient. A register with name, address, kind of complication and other related details of a patient is being maintained. "Prevention is always better than cure. A CCTV will be in my chamber shortly," Akhauri said.

A doctor of Tata Motors Hospital, A.K. Jadon, said he had enhanced security at his residence. "I have instructed my family not to open the door to strangers. I have applied for a gun licence, too," he added.

The sudden safety spree has, understandably, left patients worried. "I am a regular at a clinic in Sakchi. But I was subjected to a lot of queries the other day," rued Gopal Maity of Baridih.

Like Maity, several others had complaints. "It is not our fault if the law and order situation in the city is deteriorating. We are patients and need timely attention," one said.

But wary doctors couldn't care less. A senior practitioner in Sakchi said he was planning to install jammers in his mobile. "The jammer will prevent unwanted calls. I have a trained dog for my security," he said requesting anonymity.source

IMA plans security cover for doctors

Jamshedpur, Jan. 15: The Indian Medical Association (IMA), Jamshedpur chapter, does not want to take any more chances.

Following a spate of attacks on the steel city doctors, the association has decided to appoint a security agency to tackle the situation. Though the IMA clarified that it was satisfied with security measures initiated by the district police, most doctors are of the opinion that safety cannot be compromised.

The association's city unit chief A.C. Akhauri said: "Appointing a security agency for providing safety to the doctors is the need of the hour. We have already discussed the matter and modalities will be thrashed out at a meeting on January 17."

According to him, armed and unarmed security guards will be provided to the doctors on the basis of their demand. "We want to appoint a private security agency with a proven track record. The doctors can approach us if they want guards for which they have to make a payment. The IMA will arrange for the same through the agency," Akhauri told The Telegraph.

"The kind of security they want will depend entirely on the doctors. Unarmed bodyguards will also be available. Security cover (on demand) will be available to over 1,100 practising doctors in Jamshedpur, including 750 who are members of the IMA. We are very apprehensive about the security situation here and don't want to take things lightly any longer," Akhauri said.

The IMA president said they would soon inform the police about their decision to appoint a security agency. He, however, expressed satisfaction with the measures taken by the police so far.

"Police are doing everything to ensure safety to the doctors. They have chalked out a list of dos and don'ts for us.

"The list of guidelines includes informing the police stations concerned while going to attend an emergency case. Police have also asked us to immediately inform their control room when an emergency situation arises. But doctors in the city feel exposed," Akhauri added.

. So it is extremely important to make security arrangements on our own. source

आईएमए में पहली बार जुटी डाक्टरों की भीड़

Jan 13, 2010: जागरण कार्यालय, जमशेदपुर।

डा. आशीष कुमार राय को गोली मारे जाने की घटना पर इंडियन मेडिकल एसोसिएशन जमशेदपुर शाखा द्वारा बुलाई गई जनरल मीटिंग में पहली बार सैकड़ों डाक्टरों की भीड़ जुटीे। डाक्टरों की भीड़ के कारण आईएमए भवन के अंदर से लेकर बाहर रोड तक पर मेले जैसा दृश्य नजर आ रहा था। इससे पहले आईएमए द्वारा बैठक बुलाने पर चिकित्सकों की उपस्थिति लगभग नगण्य रहती थी। आज पहली बार एमजीएम, टीएमएच, टाटा मोटर्स के अलावा सरकारी, नर्सिग होम व निजी प्रैक्टिस करने वाले डाक्टर आईएमए की मीटिंग में काफी संख्या में उपस्थित थे।

मीटिंग के दौरान डाक्टर ने आपस चर्चा कर रहे थे कि अब किसकी बारी है? डाक्टरों ने जिला प्रशासन व पुलिस को अक्षम बताते हुए कहा कि सरकार को अब कुछ करना ही चाहिए। डाक्टर पुराने एसपी अजय कुमार को भी याद कर रहे थे। डा. रीता भटनागर ने जिला प्रशासन को अक्षम करार देते हुए सरकार से मांग की कि जमशेदपुर के लिए कुछ करे, ताकि शहर के लोग बिना भय के जीवन जी सकें। दूसरी ओर डाक्टर सुशोभीत बनर्जी ने कहा कि डाक्टरों को एकजुट होकर आरपार की लड़ाई लड़नी होगी। डा. जीसी मांझी ने कहा कि आखिर डाक्टरों को ही क्यों निशाना बनाया जा रहा, यह समझ से परे है। उन्होंने जिला प्रशासन से आग्रह किया कि अपराधी को तत्काल पकड़ा जाए, ताकि डाक्टरों के डर को दूर किया जा सके। source

Medical lifeline snapped in Jharkhand

Ranchi/Jamshedpur, Jan. 12, 2010: All medical facilities, including hospital and nursing home OPDs and private clinics, across the state will remain closed tomorrow in protest against the attack on a Tata Main Hospital (TMH) doctor last evening.

Drug stores will, however, down shutters only in the steel city and adjoining Seraikela-Kharsawan district.

The announcement was made after a three-member team from the state unit of Indian Medical Association (IMA), led by its secretary Shekhar Chaudhury, visited the city today in the wake of repeated attacks (three in a month) on doctors. IMA treasurer Dr Bimlesh Kumar Singh said emergency services had been exempted from the token strike.

The Jamshedpur Druggists and Chemists Association has extended its support to the agitation because of which all medicine stores will remain closed in and around the city.

According to sources at TMH, the condition of paediatrician Ashish Roy, shot at by two unidentified assailants at his Northern Town residence in Bistupur yesterday, continues to be critical.

With a partially punctured lung and damaged pancreas, left kidney, spleen and liver, Roy is on ventilator. "He has been operated on and the pellets removed, but the damage has been done," a TMH official said, adding that they were praying for Roy's recovery.

IMA state unit secretary Chaudhury said the token strike had been called to express solidarity with the medical fraternity in the steel city who had been unnerved by repeated attacks.

He said doctors across the state would cease routine work for a day, but if the law and order situation in Jamshedpur and elsewhere did not improve, the IMA would be compelled to take a more stringent stand.

Four shootings in a month have also put the East Singhbhum police on their toes. Checking drives have been intensified across the steel city.

IG (zonal) Rezi Dung Dung and DIG (Kolhan) Manoj Mishra are camping in Jamshedpur. Dung Dung visited TMH and Roy's residence in Northern Town this morning. In the afternoon, he held a meeting with the DIG and superintendent of police (SP) Naveen Kumar Singh.

The attack on the doctor has also invited criticism from all quarters. Various political and apolitical organisations registered their protests today.

While VHP supporters staged a dharna in front of the deputy commissioner's office, Congress MLA Banna Gupta protested demonstrated in front of Modi Park.

A delegation of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SCCI) met Dung Dung and demanded better policing in the city. Members said that though 24 hours had passed, police had not made any headway.

Suresh Sonthalia, the SCCI secretary who led the delegation, reminded Dung Dung of a recent promise, made by chief minister Shibu Soren, to appoint senior and rural SPs.source

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