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ragging in Coimbatore Medical College - Four students held

25 October 2009:COIMBATORE: Despite SC bans and pleas, ragging refuses to die out.

In the latest horror, four students of the government-run Coimbatore Medical College Hospital were arrested and suspended from the college for allegedly assaulting juniors. According to police, the four seniors allegedly took 11 second-year students to the terrace of the hostel and asked them to 'swim' on the floor on the night of October 21.

When they hesitated and resisted, they were assaulted, the police said. Two days earlier, three other boys were also allegedly ragged and beaten up by the same group.

''As ragging of freshers would have come to our notice immediately, these seniors appear to have targeted second-year students,'' medical college dean Dr V Kumaran said. Source

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