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Transfusion medicine centre at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and Hospital

Jamshedpur, Aug. 4: Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and Hospital will soon have a transfusion medicine centre.

Once the centre is up and running, the hospital will be able to separate blood constituents to facilitate proper screening of diseases.

The centre will also be able to separate or manufacture plasma and PAC cells used for patients suffering from burns and those with anaemia. Plasma is the yellow-coloured liquid component of blood, in which blood cells are suspended.

For now, the hospital only has a blood bank, but no specialised facility catering to critical burn patients.

The centre will be set up at the spot where the mortuary was previously.

Talking about the proposed centre, MGM superintendent A.N. Mishra said that he had spoken with Jitendra Kumar, the director of state health department, regarding the demand and supply of plasma and PAC cells in the steel city during Kumar's recent visit.

"He (Jitendra Kumar) asked me to submit a proposal to the state health secretary, as soon as possible, for the transfusion medicine centre on hospital premises. As the centre would be an important addition to an already premier health facility and since it is a must in every medical college and hospital, the proposal should receive the administration nod immediately," said Mishra.

Mishra, who also holds the post of the principal of MGM Medical College and Hospital, revealed that the health director had, while visiting the hospital, asked him to submit separate proposals for the upgradation of the hospital infrastructure.

He added that the idea of a transfusion medicine centre was also in line with the health director's instruction of upgrading the facility.

"In absence of blood component separators, we usually have to administer whole blood to our patients, instead of just providing plasma or PAC cells to patients, according to their needs," he said.

"There has been a rise in cases of anaemia and we are in need of PAC cells. Currently, a patient's guardian has to procure PAC cells or plasma from Jamshedpur Blood Bank.

"But after the centre is set up, then we can not only meet the demand of our hospital's patients, but also of those in other smaller hospitals and nursing homes in the steel city," he hoped.Source:The Telegraph

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