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3M N 95 Mask for Swan Flu - Safe upto 95%


Product Features

  • CDC recommendation to protect against Avian Bird Fluv
  • Approved and meets NIOSH and CDC guidelines for TB exposure, prevent Avian Flu
  • Reduces risk of fluid strike-through and protects against micron-size particles; Double bands secure
  • Features a large Breathing Chamber with Advanced Filtration; Size: Regular.
  • Box Quanity: 20 per box


3M, one of the global manufacturers of the N95 respirator (medical mask), said its supply of respirators in India has increased three times in the past three months, as compared to those before the H1N1 pandemic.

The company, which has its India headquarters in Bangalore, announced last month an infusion of $20 million to increase by 10% its global production capacity of these respirators. The company did not say whether some of the new capacity would be in India. Currently, all its masks supplied here are imported.

Nagaraj Maskeri, VP for safety and protection services, 3M India, said the company is working closely with government bodies. "We have been supplying to them as best as possible to meet this extraordinary and unusual demand. We are also working closely with the state governments by helping them to prepare for pandemic situations," he said.

3M has four kinds of N95 respirators, each with a set of features and applications, and priced between Rs 44 and Rs 227. The N95 uses advanced electrostatically charged microfibres. It ensures the user is not exposed to particle sizes of more than 0.3 microns with about 95% filter efficiency. While critics say that many virulent viruses come in sizes less than 0.3 microns, the N95 has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for pandemics. These are single-use respirators and must be disposed of after it's used once.

3M also provides EFR (elastomeric facepiece respirator) which provides a higher filtering efficiency of 99.97% but is more expensive than the N95. Source:The Times of India

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