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RIMS campus turns into garbage dump

RANCHI: Tara Devi, who is undergoing treatment at Rajendra Institute of medical Sciences (RIMS), is keen to return home despite the fact that she is 
yet to recover. Reason: she simply can't stand the abominable stench emanating from the garbage heaps on RIMS campus and the generally unhygienic condition which prevails there.

"I'm unable to bear the stink and garbage around me at RIMS. Instead of getting well, I fear I'll be infected by some new disease," she said.

Tara Devi is not the only one complaining. Many other patients like her want to return home to get away from the filth and grime that prevails at the state's premiere hospital due to the ongoing staff strike.

Be it the toilets, corridors or even intensive care units (ICUs), all are in equally pathetic condition.

Aware of the problems faced by patients, attendants and even hospital medical staff, the RIMS authorities callously say that cleaning responsibility has already been outsourced and it is upto the contractor to ensure that everything moves in the right direction.

The problem cropped up after some 125 contract cleaning staff working for a private firm Krishna Construction resorted to strike demanding payment on the par with recommendations of the labour commissioner.

RIMS management has outsourced the cleaning job to the private firm at a rate of Rs 72 lakh per year. The firm has engaged workforce of 125 labourers for the task and till date has been paying at the rate of Rs 92 per worker per day.

After a recent directive of the labour office, the contract cleaning workers raised their voice demanding increase in their daily wages to the tune of Rs 124 per day per head whereas the contractor is ready to increase the old rate by just Rs 7 and pay them daily wage of Rs 99.

The managing partner of Krishna Constructions, who owns the year-long contract, said they were not in a position to increase payment beyond Rs 99 per day per head.

"Workers are aware that they are working on contract and they are guided by the contract that we have signed with RIMS administration. Any change in wages will directly affect the business because the contract amount is not subject to revision before expiry of contract period," he said adding that still the firm offered to hike the daily wages slightly.

On his part, RIMS director-cum-chief executive N N Agarwal said since the cleaning job had been outsourced to a private agency the hospital had no role to play.

"Our job is limited to hiring service and, thereafter, in case any problem s it becomes responsibility of the agency to sort it out," he said adding that the charges that hospital is paying to the contractor was fixed through a proper agreement.

Admitting that the standard of cleanliness is not upto the mark, Agarwal said it may have an adverse affect during the renewal of contract.

"At present it has to be managed by the contractors," he said. Source:timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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