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Expert promises cheap liver transplant

Ranchi, June 16: Liver transplant will no longer be heavy on the pocket.

Dinesh Ranjan, the chief of transplant and professor of surgery at University of Kentucky, US, is in town to create awareness on liver transplantation. He also plans to set up the first liver and pancreas transplant centre in the state.

An alumnus of RIMS, Dr Ranjan, said: "With growing number of diabetics and alcohol addicts in developing countries, liver and pancreas ailments are on the rise. In such a situation, transplantation of liver and pancreas becomes necessary but due to lack of awareness patients often suffer. I want to start a transplantation centre here with world-class facilities and at the same time make it affordable for the common man."

Ranjan has so far successfully transplanted 800 livers and 300 pancreas in his 30-year medical career in the US and is regarded as one of the pioneers in transplant surgery globally.

Liver transplantation is the only solution for ailments like cirrhosis of liver. It is a consequence of chronic liver disease caused by heavy alcohol intake, occurrence of Hepatitis B or C, he pointed out.

"The cost of liver or pancreas transplantation in India comes up to around Rs 15 to 20 lakh that is beyond the reach of middle class patients. I intend to render all my services free and visit Jharkhand five to six times a year.

"Apart from this, I have constituted a team of local doctors who also render their services free. The state has also given the approval to extend help in finding donors in the country," he said. Source:Telegraphindia

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