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Central Laboratory of RIMS

The Central Laboraory, not only, is serving the hospital investigations , its being the integral part of RIMS, the only and sole medical institution in the state of Jharkhand. Patients are being referred not only from the PHC, sub centers of local & surrounding 211 blocks and uncountable villages but also from very far and distant places ( approx. 22 districts) covering 70 % of patient below poverty line (red card holders). This laboratory now caters the need of diagnostic health care of people of Ranchi district as well as the state of Jharkhand.

This laboratory has joined National Health Program relating to reduction of disease by controlling of the communicable diseases, which affects the poor and vulnerable populations, like Malaria, AIDS etc.

This laboratory has already been selected to support the diagnostic provisions of upcoming super specialty departments of RIMS.

Director, RIMS, Dr. N.N. Aggarwal

Giant leap towards success

Personnel & team of Central Laboratory shows its gratitude to all clinicians, surgeons , consultants ,residents and administrators of RIMS and Ranchi , who have shown their tremendous faith in the work and performances of this lab other wise it was impossible to attract the progressive increasing work load from initial 3940 (in the month of Jan-2007) to 14308 (in the month of July- 2008), which has gracefully broken all its previous records. This is another marked mile stone towards achieving its goal and target.


Authority of RIMS & Govt. of Jharkhand have already taken initiative for upgrading the facilities and to improve the diagnostic centers in RIMS. Central lab is likely to be made more sophisticated by installing more sophisticated and modernized diagnostic equipment and machinery and skilled man power so that it may be possible to cop up in discharging its work load in norms of absolute quality control within shortest period of time in the benefit of patients and people of the state. Source:riimsranchi.wordpress.com

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