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Ranchi, May 18: Jharkhand Chemist and Druggist Association (JCDA) has announced a new company that would buy medicines directly from manufacturers and sell it at reduced prices.

At the end of an executive committee meeting yesterday, JCDA general secretary Amar Kumar Sinha told The Telegraph that the new company would have an authorised capital of Rs 2 crore. The 20,000 members of the company, comprising medicine retailers, distributors, C&F agents and wholesalers, have been invited to participate in the new venture.

The new company would be named Jharkhand Chemist and Druggist Alliance Ltd and would work under the guidance of the All India Chemist and Druggist Alliance Ltd, floated by the national body of chemists and druggists.

Sinha pointed out that large corporate houses were rapidly entering the direct retail market in a big way. They are now threatening to eat up the entire chain of wholesalers, distributors, C&F agents and others engaged in the drug trade. These big houses with unlimited money are tying up with drug manufacturers for sale of products directly to consumers.

To ensure that the interests of the entire chain — beginning with wholesalers to the distributors and C&F agents — that number around 20,000 in Jharkhand are looked after, the new company has decided to enter the drug market. They would tie up with manufacturers to obtain the benefits of bulk purchases at reduced prices and a portion of the profits would benefit consumers by way of reduced prices.

"In addition, the new company would undertake educational programmes like counselling for traders and patients and even providing drug advice. The company would also organise free medical camps with specialised doctors in attendance in the remotest areas where, in most cases, even the state-run centres are in bad shape," the JCDA general sec retary said.

Six such free medical camps have already been organised in the state at Simdega, Sarath, Palkot, Gumla, Deoghar and in Ranchi.source:Telegraph India

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