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VC cracks neuro puzzle

Ranchi, April 25, 2009: Ranchi University vice-chancellor A.A. Khan, also a physicist, argued that physics has strong links with neuroscience, since the brain functions like a computer.

Addressing a gathering of neuroscientists at RIMS today, Khan said that the relationship between physics and neuroscience was the need of the hour. And, eminent neuroscientists admitted that they had never thought about the issue.

Khan argued that if the brain functioned like a computer, the nerves ought to have similarities with computer hardware. He added that several complicated problems of neuroscience could be solved if links between the two fields were found.He said the usual notion that physics has no relationship with neuroscience was wrong and neuroscientists have to begin to study the relationship.

"The neurons of a brain function just as a computer does. So, several neuro-related problems could be solved if the systems in a brain are understood vis-à-vis the systems in a computer," Khan added.

"There had been no thinking in this line earlier. But this new line of thinking has the potential to enrich neuroscience," said Dr Chandra Hansh Prasad, a participant.

The meet of Association of Neuroscientists of eastern India saw over 200 neuroscientists and doctors, many of them teachers in medical colleges, get together. The association now has 224 members.

RIMS director N.N. Agarwal, however, said they were yet to get the latest technology and equipment in the field of neuroscience.

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