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Biz lessons for doctors

Jamshedpur, April 13: Medical qualification and serving patients are not all for doctors here. For, the state now wants them to be proficient in management skills too.

Doctors of various disciplines of state hospitals have started taking management lessons at the Xavier Institute of Tribal Education (XITE), Gamharia, a couple of days ago.

"This is an initiative by the state health department to make the doctors fully equipped with the management skills so that they can handle the hospitals, especially managing the administration. The idea is to upgrade their managerial skills," said Father P.D. Thomas, director of the institute.

"The purpose is to make sure that every doctor knows how to successfully run their hospitals," added Thomas.

About 30 doctors from across the state are participating in the six-day training programme to learn the best human resource practices. Team-building, team work, accounting, dealing with legal problems, waste disposal management, communication among others are some of the sessions that the doctors are going through at the institute.

Key officials of XITE, XLRI and Tinplate Company of India Ltd have become the resource persons for the doctors for the week-long programme.

The institute further plans to take up batches every month for the residential programme. Initially, it is designed for doctors at government hospitals. Source:telegraphindia.com

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