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RIMS releases rod-struck kid

Ranchi, March 27: Mehul Kumar, the two-and-a-half-year-old brought to Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Ranchi, with a 3-feet iron rod pierced through his stomach on March 11, was released from the hospital today.

Doctors at the RIMS were able to save him after a complicated surgery and extensive care. "The child was brought to us in a critical condition. And it was quite a battle for us to save him. You can say that he got a second life, that also gave a boost to our morale and of those who worked round the clock to ensure that his wounds healed properly. Now, he is perfectly safe and will be able to lead a normal life," said RIMS director N.N. Aggarwal.

Kumar had fallen from the roof of his maternal grandfather's two-storeyed house at Ekpatia Mohalla, Hazaribagh, while playing Holi. Before he fell, a 3-feet rod of 12mm diameter, jutting out of the first floor of the house, pierced his stomach. The boy fell with the rod embedded in him.

Mehul was rushed to Hazaribagh Sadar Hospital, but doctors there expressed their inability to perform a surgery and referred him to the RIMS.

It was a challenge for the RIMS doctors to carry out an operation on Mehul, as the boy's organs where smaller than an adult's. Besides, the rod, which had pierced through layers of his stomach, the liver's right lobe and the pancreatic laceration, had damaged his skin muscle and part of the chest, besides causing abrasion in the gall bladder.

But after three-and-a-half- hours operation, a RIMS team finally succeeded in removing the rod. After the surgery, Mehul was kept him in the trauma centre for recovery.

Mehul, who will celebrate his third birthday on November 17, was seen playing on the hospital premises today while his father Arun Kumar Vishwakarma and relatives completed the formalities for his release.

After spending 15 days at the hospital, the kid is all the more excited to return home to his younger brother, who was born on March 19. Source:.telegraphindia.com

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