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Staff strike hits MGMCH, Jamshedpur , docs turn away patients

Jamshedpur, Jan. 21: As the strike of non-gazetted employees entered the ninth day today, its effect reflected on the service of the doctors at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College and Hospital.

Today, when a patient with his left leg fractured came to the out patient department (OPD) for the removal of his plaster, orthopaedic on duty asked him to remove it on his own at his home.

The patient, Subodh Gupta, was told to remove it by pouring water on the plaster, as no paramedics is available at the hospital to do it.

Gupta, who fractured his leg in a road accident, boarded an autorickshaw and went back home but before leaving he said he would visit a nursing home to get it removed.

Doctors at this government hospital are passing time leisurely as all the operation theatres (OT) have stopped functioning due to the strike.

As no patients are being admitted to the surgery ward, surgeons are making merry. Hospital sources said if some patients turn up at the hospital, the doctors are advising them to take admission somewhere else saying surgery cannot be held at the OT.

On Tuesday evening, two persons turned up at the medical college hospital with multiple injuries caused in a road mishap. The doctors on the emergency duty asked them to go to Tata Main Hospital as the surgery department there was functioning. The victims had no option but to leave.

A pregnant woman was also asked to leave and the doctors told the patient that the gynaecology department is not functioning as the staff were on strike.

Hospital superintendent A.N. Mishra is making an effort to ensure that no patient is asked to leave the hospital as the staff are on strike, especially the gynaecology department.

Mishra, also the principal of MGM Medical College, is devoting much of his time looking after the patients.

But sources at the hospital said the doctors are not fulfilling their commitments. Though the OPD is being conducted in the open but many patients are not being treated properly.

"God knows when the strike will come to an end. In such situation the patients are suffering very much. In the absence of adequate arrangement our services are also being affected," said Mishra.

He pointed out that he has succeeded in running the OPD in the open, but bringing normality in the surgery department is a big challenge for him.

Mishra said he had tried to make the operation theatres functional by carrying out fumigation but has failed as he did not get support from any of the technicians.

Amrendra Singh, a key functionary of the Jharkhand Non-gazetted Employees Federation, claimed that the medical college hospital is almost paralysed and they would continue agitation till their demands are met.


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