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No relief for RIMS patients

Ranchi, Dec. 31: As the strike of junior doctors of the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) entered its fifth day today, the number of patients suffering from lack of medical treatment soared but there were no official records of the same.

Unconfirmed reports claimed that the number of indoor patients had dropped from 447 to 398 and six more people had died.

An RIMS staff member said only 200 patients had received medical services in the outdoor ward today while only 10 minor operations were carried out.

RIMS superintendent I.B. Prasad, however, claimed that situation was returning to normality. "After 51 doctors arrived from other government hospitals, we could treat 325 patients at outdoor units and carried out one major and 13 minor operations. We admitted 10 new patients, carried out 15 CT scans, 22USGs, 40 X-rays and 151 pathological tests," he said.

Hospital sources said that most of the patients who are at RIMS are those who are either not in a position to go anywhere due to financial reasons or those who can wait for treatment for a longer time.

"The patients admitted at RIMS get food and medicine free of cost. If they leave, they will have to spend a heavy amount on treatment elsewhere. So, they prefer staying at RIMS. More than 50 per cent of the indoor patients are admitted at orthopaedic department and can wait for a longer time," a nurse said.

"The crisis will continue as only 51 doctors have come from outside to replace 400 junior doctors," a staff member said.Source:telegraphindia

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