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MGM super to rein in docs

Jamshedpur, Jan. 25: Superintendent of MGM Medical College and Hospital has decided to act tough with errant doctors.

As the strike of non-gazetted employees entered the 13th day today, the situation at the government hospital deteriorated further. Family members of patients admitted at the hospitals are complaining that food and medicine are not been administered regularly.

The superintendent A.N. Mishra claims that the situation is not so bad. He said he is trying his best to make the doctors pull up their socks and attend to the patients.

He said he cannot treat them like children and see if they are performing their duty or not.

The superintendent said he would make a list of such doctors who are skiving and would send their names to the state health secretary for punitive measure.

Mishra, who is also the principal of MGM Medical College, claimed he has to move around the hospital and take note of each and every department personally. Hospital sources said there is some difference of opinion among the doctors and the superintendent.

Some say that doctors are not pleased with Mis- hra when he was given the additional charge of MGM superintendent after the removal of former superintendent R.Y. Chowdhury in December.

The differences between them came to fore during the non-gazetted employees' strike. After the agitating employees locked the gate of out patient department (OPD) some days ago, Mishra had made an alternative arrangement in the open, outside the OPD block, near the emergency block for treating the patients turning up at the hospital.

The sources said the superintendent has to stand there and keep an eye on the doctors so that they conduct their duty properly.

It is alleged that the doctors are asking the patients to leave and get admitted at some other hospital or nursing homes for treatment.

A doctor on duty at the OPD said the superinten-dent has developed a negative attitude against rest of the doctors.

"We are performing our duty sincerely but the superintendent thinks we are not doing so and goofing off in his absence. We cannot do anything if he thinks like that," said the doctor, on condition of anonymity.

Another doctor said: "We cannot understand why the superintendent is targeting us. We are doing our duty, attending to emergency cases, sitting in the open to treat patients at OPD session everyday but still he thinks we are skiving." source:telegraphindia

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