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Cath-lab, oxygen unit for RIMS

Ranchi, Sept.18: Critical patients would now receive better facilities at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) as the hospital now has a Cath-lab to treat the heart patients and a centralised oxygen delivery system to help those who need breathing support.

The Health and Family welfare minister Bhanu Pratap Shahi inaugurated the new Cath-lab and the Liquid Oxygen Central Gas Pipeline System at the hospital this evening. Both the facilities were in demand for a long time as RIMs receives critical referral patients from the hospitals and nursing homes of the state. Most of these patients require immediate medical intervention.

A cath-lab provides diagnostic imaging facilities, which helps a heart specialist in reaching the heart of a patient through his veins. It is helpful in several procedures related with treatment of heart ailments including the pace maker installation.

The cath-lab installed at RIMS is a new generation flat panel detector catherization laboratory, AXION dFC, which cost Rs 3.30crore. The equipment will enable the doctor to diagnose possible heart attacks at an early stage. The lab is beside the causality operation theatre (COT) of the RIMS and it has been installed by the Font System Private Limited.

The Liquid Oxygen Central Gas Pipeline System is an arrangement of supplying oxygen gas directly to the bed of patient from a liquid oxygen tank in the same manner as water is supplied from water reservoir to every tap of a house.

At RIMS, oxygen gas will be supplied to outlets near 1000 beds, operation theatre, intensive care unit, trauma centre and other places from a 10 kilo leter (KL) liquid oxygen tank passing through oxygen vapouriser and pipeline. A Haldia based company, Praxier, will supply liquid oxygen gas to the tank.

NSP Hospitech India Private Limted, a Delhi based company, has installed the system on the direction of Sciemed Overseas Inc, a Patna based company. The project involved an amount of Rs.4.5 crore.

The plant has been installed behind the kitchen of RIMS. It has all types of necessary arrangement to ensure regular supply of quality oxygen to the patients. There is main control panel to operate machines. There is a silent generator of 82.5kv to ensure regular supply of power to system.

Apart from this, 20 cylinders, each of 140 kg has been kept in reserve to ensure regular supply of oxygen. in case of any maintenance work in the system.

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