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Rat race wreaks havoc on RIMS - Pests feed on pills, gulp saline when thirsty

Ranchi, July 7: Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) is under siege. Rats have taken control of the state’s premier health institute this monsoon.

Sending a chill down the spines of patients admitted to the hospital, rats — big and small — are running riot across wards. Worse, they have taken over the medical store, gulping saline water to quench their thirst and in the process ruining medicines worth thousands of rupees.

An employee of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, an autonomous body established under an Act of the Jharkhand Assembly, said: “The rats enter the medicine store and drink saline water. They also damage medicines and medical documents.”

They use pipelines connected with the bathrooms at different floors of the institute to move around freely. The frequency of rat visits to wards has increased ever since their burroughs were waterlogged due to the onset of monsoons.

Doctors and nurses say they see rats of all sizes round the clock during their rounds of the institute. The sister in charge of the surgery ward complained that rats slipped into the broken cupboard and ate into packets of medicines and saline pouches.

They also tore apart some pillow covers and bedsheets. “Its becoming extremely difficult to save medicines from them,” she said.

Patients are equally disturbed. “They (rats) take away all the things I keep on the floor. They have fled with my soaps, breads and spoons,” said a relative of a patient admitted to the neuro-surgery ward.

Nasim-ul-Haq, a Palamau-based patient undergoing treatment at the tuberculosis and chest unit of the medical college hospital, said he noticed rats as big as rabbits.

“I never expected presence of such huge rats in a medical institute. I was frightened to see a huge one running under my bed two days ago,” the tuberculosis patient added.

Admitting the problem, Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences superintendent I.B. Prasad said steps were being taken to arrest the rat menace.

“Rats have come in after their holes got flooded with rain water. We are taking steps to kill them using medicines. The problem will be sorted out soon,” he promised.

Prasad also said that the institute had floated a tender for installing an electronic machine meant for keeping rats away.

“The machine will be bought as soon as the tender is finalised,” he said.



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