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Ragging in RIMS Ranchi During Admission of MBBS 2008 batch

It is a matter of great shame that all the states of India is taking serious action to Curb ragging but jharkhand is a state where there is no such action. As per the directive there should be a committee in each of the Institute to take care of the freshers but there no such committee in RIMS, Ranchi.

In this Institute ragging starts from the day of Admission(12th august 2008). On this day all the seniors ragged the freshers in front of the professors. This time 2007 batch the immediate seniors was forced by 2006 batch to ragg the freshers even if 2007 batch was not interested. They distributed the sweets to the freshers alongwith a sealed envelop.This envelop was having the list of clothes the freshers will have to wear when the class will start up to four months, normally called ragging period.

The students were being ragged in front of parents and professors neither parents raised the voice nor professors. When asked to parents they told that if he'll raise voice , their ward will suffer.

When asked to 2006 batch why ragging is taking place , they told that it is their tradition and no one can stop this neither the Director not the Police. If they will try to stop, they will shut down the hospital.

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