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Kiosk fails to help at RIMS

Ranchi, Aug. 18: The “May I Help You” desk and enquiry counters of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) needs to be strengthened as people from rural areas hardly understand the information given to them by the staff at the counters.

A short stay with the attendants coming with their patients from different parts of the state revealed the fact this morning. It was noticed that people from rural areas keep on wandering in different parts of the hospital even after taking help from the staff of these counters.

“A staff at an enquiry counter asked me to deposit the slip at a counter 10 steps away from the registration counter towards administrative building. But despite walking more than 10 steps in different directions, I am unable to locate the specified counter,” a patient’s attendant from Ramgarh, Mahadeo Oroan, told The Telegraph while searching the ultrasonography centre of the RIMS.

Similar was the reaction of the attendant of another patient from Hazaribagh. “It took me 15 minutes to search the place where a blood sample can be deposited for culture. Though I asked the staff of the counter, he could not explain me properly,” the attendant said.

Staff at the enquiry counters admitted the problem saying that it was difficult for them to explain everything to every one in limited time.

One of the employees said people from different educational and social backgrounds come with their varieties of queries.

“At times it is difficult for me to answer their queries. For, they start asking me about the whereabouts of the doctors, whom they only know by face,” the staff said, adding that there were only two employees to take care of thousands of attendants coming from different parts of the state.

Admitting the problem, RIMS superintendent I.B. Prasad said that steps were being taken to improve the system.

“We will soon computerise the entire system to enable every staff of the RIMS to help patients and their attendants properly. Once the system starts functioning, people will be able to take help from any corner of the RIMS round the clock,” he said.

The enquiry counters have been established to make people aware of location of different centres and wards available at the institute. Other purposes of the counters are to guide people in searching the pathological centres and help them avail the facilities available at the super speciality centre in making. More than 200 people visit the counters every day to collect information.

RIMS, being a tertiary centre, invites referral cases in which patients are in serious condition. Every minute is crucial for such patients.

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