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Ragging By Students of RIMS Ranchi during councelling of JECEB 2008

25th July 2008: It was the Councelling day of JCECEB for Medical Seats in Jharkhand and was taking place in Ranchi. It was a day of Great happiness for the senior students of RIMS (Rajendra Institute of Medical science), Ranchi. They were happy to show that they are seniors and the freshers will have to know some of the rules when they will be joining the Institute. In this group 2006 batch was taking the lead and very few were from 2007 batch. 2007 batch students were severely ragged by the the senior 2006 last year.

While the councelling was taking place , students were being called by the senior student and taken to lonely places and were being asked very absurd and idiotic questions to irritate the fresh students.They were taught rules what to do and not to do in the campus while ragging period.

Some of the rules were:

Don't make eye contact with seniors
Learn the name of all the senoirs and recognise them.
They will have to wear the dress as told by the seniors (all white with green socks and black shoes and green tie)
All the seniors must be called BOSS and Bend 90 degree forward to salute them
Source: http://raggingininstitutes.blogspot.com

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