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Adopted by Govt. of Jharkhand vide it’s notification
(memo 374 Ranchi dt. 29 March 2001)


To provide for Combined Competitive Examination for entrance in graduate level vocational courses of the Universities, College and Institutions in the State

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Bihar in the forty sixth year of the Republic of India as follows:

Short titled extent and commencement :
This act may be called the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Act, 1995.
It shall come into force from the date as the State Government by notification in the Bihar Gazette may appoint
It shall extend to the whole of the State of Bihar
Definitions:- In the Act unless otherwise required in the context :

“Act” means the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Act, 1995
“Department” means the department referred to in the first schedule of the Rules of Executives Business, Bihar , 1979
“Vocational Course” means a course in engineering, medical science, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science , agriculture science, fishery, dairy, forestry of the graduate standard and includes any other course of the same nature
“University college and institute” means any university , college and institute managed and maintained by the State Government
“Board” means the Bihar Combined Competitive Entrance Examination Board constituted under the Act
“Chairman means a chairman of the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board constituted under Act
“Controller of Examination“ means Controller of Examination appointed under the Act;
“Merit list” means a merit list prepared under the Act
“Entrance“ means entrance in vocational course of the Universities, Colleges and Institutes on the basic of merit-cum-option from the merit list
Admission in Vocational Courses :

Notwithstanding anything of the contrary contained in any decision, degree, order of any court or in any Act, rule of circular, the admission in the 1 st year of the graduate standard of Engineering, Medical Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary science, Agriculture Science, Fishers, Dairy, Forestry and other courses of same nature shall be made on the basis of the Combined Entrance Competitive Examination
Nomination for the admission in the Universities, College and Institutes within the state and outside the state. Where such nomination is required to be made by the state Government, shall be made on the basis of the r Combined Entrance Competitive Examination

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