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Ragging By Students of RIMS Ranchi during councelling of JECEB 2008

25th July 2008: It was the Councelling day of JCECEB for Medical Seats in Jharkhand and was taking place in Ranchi. It was a day of Great happiness for the senior students of RIMS (Rajendra Institute of Medical science), Ranchi. They were happy to show that they are seniors and the freshers will have to know some of the rules when they will be joining the Institute. In this group 2006 batch was taking the lead and very few were from 2007 batch. 2007 batch students were severely ragged by the the senior 2006 last year.

While the councelling was taking place , students were being called by the senior student and taken to lonely places and were being asked very absurd and idiotic questions to irritate the fresh students.They were taught rules what to do and not to do in the campus while ragging period.

Some of the rules were:

Don't make eye contact with seniors
Learn the name of all the senoirs and recognise them.
They will have to wear the dress as told by the seniors (all white with green socks and black shoes and green tie)
All the seniors must be called BOSS and Bend 90 degree forward to salute them
Source: http://raggingininstitutes.blogspot.com

Hi-tech cardiac care at RIMS

Ranchi, July 29: Soon to become a super speciality centre, the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) is on the development path.

It would install AXIOM Artis dFC, a new generation flat panel detector catheterisation laboratory, at a cost of Rs 3.3 crore.

RIMS director N.N. Agarwal said that it would be the first government-run hospital in the state to be equipped with the new instrument manufactured by Siemens, Germany.

The equipment would enable “cardiac imaging performance and an expansive range of diagnostic and interventional applications — from cardiac angiography to ECG-triggered fluoroscopy”.

A catheterisation laboratory or cath lab is facilitated with diagnostic imaging equipment used to support the catheterisation procedure. A catheter is inserted into a large artery and stents (mesh wire tube) can be inserted into the arteries via catheter to ease blood flow.

The cath lab will also have a heat exchanger, besides 15 other components equipped with a camera, to take images of the artery and help detect obstacles.

Font System Private Limited is in charge of installation of AXIOM Artis dFC beside the casualty operation theatre at RIMS.

To ensure that doctors and nurses are not affected by radiation, an 8mm wide lead plate, priced at Rs 2 lakh is being pasted on the doors and glasses. It has been brought from Italy. Experts will be able to observe the operation on cardiac patients on monitors. The company has also brought lead jackets and goggles for doctors and nurses who will use the AXIOM Artis dFC.

Deepak Kumar, the company engineer, said it had already reached the city and would be opened at 10 degrees Celsius. “We are using seven air-conditioners, each of 1.5 tonnes, to bring the temperature of installation site to 10 degrees Celsius. To ensure regular supply of power to the lab, we have provided a stabiliser of 150KVA and an UPA of 8KVA with a 30-minute back-up facility,” he said.

The new technology will improve image quality, reduce radiation and magnify the digital image. It would also facilitate three-dimensional image reconstruction for interventional cardiologists, who deal with blood vessels of the size of 2.5mm to 3mm, Kumar said.

RIMS sources said the AXIOM Artis dFC would help save Rs 1 crore every month which the state government spends on treating cardiac problems of those living below the poverty line (BPL).

After the installation of AXIOM Artis dFC, RIMS would start developing a cardiac operation theatre and a cardiac intensive care unit, said sources.

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Adopted by Govt. of Jharkhand vide it’s notification
(memo 374 Ranchi dt. 29 March 2001)


To provide for Combined Competitive Examination for entrance in graduate level vocational courses of the Universities, College and Institutions in the State

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Bihar in the forty sixth year of the Republic of India as follows:

Short titled extent and commencement :
This act may be called the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Act, 1995.
It shall come into force from the date as the State Government by notification in the Bihar Gazette may appoint
It shall extend to the whole of the State of Bihar
Definitions:- In the Act unless otherwise required in the context :

“Act” means the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Act, 1995
“Department” means the department referred to in the first schedule of the Rules of Executives Business, Bihar , 1979
“Vocational Course” means a course in engineering, medical science, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary science , agriculture science, fishery, dairy, forestry of the graduate standard and includes any other course of the same nature
“University college and institute” means any university , college and institute managed and maintained by the State Government
“Board” means the Bihar Combined Competitive Entrance Examination Board constituted under the Act
“Chairman means a chairman of the Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board constituted under Act
“Controller of Examination“ means Controller of Examination appointed under the Act;
“Merit list” means a merit list prepared under the Act
“Entrance“ means entrance in vocational course of the Universities, Colleges and Institutes on the basic of merit-cum-option from the merit list
Admission in Vocational Courses :

Notwithstanding anything of the contrary contained in any decision, degree, order of any court or in any Act, rule of circular, the admission in the 1 st year of the graduate standard of Engineering, Medical Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary science, Agriculture Science, Fishers, Dairy, Forestry and other courses of same nature shall be made on the basis of the Combined Entrance Competitive Examination
Nomination for the admission in the Universities, College and Institutes within the state and outside the state. Where such nomination is required to be made by the state Government, shall be made on the basis of the r Combined Entrance Competitive Examination

RIMS prescribes eviction for govt over-stayers

Ranchi, July 3: What does a hospital do when a senior police official, a director of a private security agency and two government employees hold on to accommodation meant for doctors? If it is the state-run Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), it takes four years to diagnose the problem before initiating action to evict the “illegal” occupants.

RIMS deputy director and head of microbiology department L.B. Pandey, who is the competent authority in such matters, admitted the hospital had written to the government departments concerned and the police. But it’s obvious though that the hospital was doing so with some degree of trepidation.

“Most of the occupants were government servants and we haven’t received any complaints of misbehaviour against them from local residents,” clarified Pandey.

The over-stayers at the centre of a brewing controversy were Pithoria police station officer-in-charge Neeraj Pathak, director of G. Alert security agency (a private concern) Rajeev Ranjan, procurement officer of Jharkhand AIDS Control Society B.N. Pandey and deputy director (health services) Anjali Das.

RIMS sources said while Pathak occupied doctor’s quarters bearing number 70, Ranjan, Pandey and Das were staying at quarters no 38, 46 and 63 respectively.

Though the RIMS management claimed it had sent notices to the illegal occupants directing them to vacate the quarters, most of them vehemently rejected the “illegal occupant” tag, claiming they had been “allowed” to stay there either by the RIMS management or by a government department.

Police officer Pathak’s case seemed to be the strongest. RIMS sources agreed he was allowed to stay there when he was officer-in-charge of the Bariatu police station that’s been operating out of the hospital guesthouse on campus since the last 15 years.

“Former director of RIMS J. Prasad had allowed me to stay in the doctor’s quarters. I do not take a house rent of Rs 1,500 per month payable to me by government in lieu of the quarters. We also pay maintenance charges of Rs 180 per month,” he clarified.

“In that case, how can I be termed an ‘illegal occupant’?”

But RIMS’s contention, according to sources, was that he had been allowed to stay there as officer-in-charge of the Bariatu police station. But he stayed on even after being transferred as officer-in-charge of Pithoria police station.

Pathak didn’t buy the argument. “There is no illegal occupation on RIMS campus as those who are staying there were allowed to so by the former director or the state government’s building construction department,” he said.

Nevertheless, the deputy director seemed satisfied with their efforts to get the four of 70 staff quarters vacated. “We have written letters to the bosses of the government employees who have occupied the RIMS quarters,” he said.

“The police department has responded positively. Recently we received a letter from the senior police superintendent’s office informing us about the steps it had taken to have the quarters occupied by its officer vacated soon,” Pandey added.

On about the involvement of the building construction department in allotting quarters, he said it had no right do so. “The building construction department is authorised to maintain the RIMS quarters but not to allot any,” he added.

Building construction department special secretary A.P.Choudhary agreed with L.B. Pandey. “We do not allot RIMS quarters,” he said.

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