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Tips on modern sinus surgery

Ranchi: The Bihar and Jharkhand chapter of Otolaryngologists of India today presented a live surgical operative demonstration of endoscopic sinus surgery.

The programme was organised for the first time for the benefit of doctors from Jharkhand and Bihar at the telemedicine centre of RIMS.

The resource person and organising secretary of the programme, R.K. Pandey, said that four operators carried out eight operations throughout the day under the programme organised to make doctors aware of the latest development in the field of surgery.

“The participating doctors — 80 in total — were made aware of the process of surgery which can be used to solve sinus problems without carrying out big operation. They were acquainted with different types of equipment and methods of using it,” Pandey added.

Rakesh Choudhary, a participant from Patna, supported the show saying the programme helped him understand the process under which a sinus patient could go home within two hours of his operation without facing any cosmetic problem. “Earlier, a patient had to recuperate seven days after the sinus operation. But, the endoscopic surgery about which we were made aware today, a patient can be discharged immediately. Apart from this, the operation does not make any change out the outer parts of a patient’s face,” Choudhary added.

The procedure, Choudhary said, could be performed under general or local anaesthesia on an outdoor patient, and they usually experience minimal discomfort. The complication rate for this procedure is lower than that for conventional sinus surgery, he added. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, a participant said, is a minimally invasive technique used to restore sinus ventilation and normal function. “The most suitable candidates for this procedure have recurrent acute or chronic infective sinusitis and an improvement in symptoms of up to 90 per cent may be expected following the procedure,” the doctor added.

Fibre optic telescopes, another doctor said, are used for diagnosis and during the procedure computed tomography is used to assess the anatomy and identify diseased areas.

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