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Junior docs protest mall on RIMS campus

Ranchi, June 16: A cloud of uncertainty looms large over the shopping complex proposed to be constructed at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS).

The Junior Doctors’ Association (JDA) lodged a protest against its construction before RIMS director N.N. Agarwal.

The director has forwarded the letter to state health minister Bhanu Pratap Sahi.

JDA president Jitendra Singh Munda said the protest was lodged anticipating law and order problems on the RIMS campus after the shopping complex was constructed.

“We anticipated security problems on the RIMS campus after the construction of the shopping complex. We anticipated problems to nurses, students and lady doctors who perform their duties at night. We also anticipated the negative impact on the academic atmosphere of RIMS due to presence of anti-social elements and eve-teasers in the shopping complex,” Munda added.

Agarwal refused to comment on the issue, as he believed he was not associated with the construction of the shopping complex. “Only the health minister can respond on the matter. I am not concerned with it,” he said.

The health minister had no information about the proposal till today evening. He, however, gave a clear indication about his reaction when he would get a copy of the receipt letter. “The JDA has no right to interfere in administrative matters. Will the JDA pay the RIMS staff? How can an autonomous body run without generating its own source of income,” Sahi said.

The health minister happens to be the chairperson of the RIMS governing body.

The two-storeyed shopping complex would be constructed beside the RIMS playground, beside NH-33, that lies vacant.

The shopping complex would house 265 shops and provide parking facilities. The RIMS management has planned to make it attractive by using lights. Landscaping, gardening and installation of fountains are also on the cards.

Advertisements have already been published in local newspapers and over 200 applications have been received. Last date for submitting applications ended yesterday. Forms were priced at Rs 5,000.
Source: http://www.telegraphindia.com

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