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Doctors in RIMS Ranchi

Department Of Pathology

  1. Dr. Arun Kumar Verma Professor & H.O.D

  2. Dr. Manoj Kumar Rai Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Trilochan Singh Associate Professor

  4. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Srivastava Associate Professor

  5. Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor

  6. Dr. (Smt.) Mukta Kumari Assistant Professor

  7. Dr. Ratna Choudhary Assistant Professor

  8. Dr. Bamkim Chandra Adhikari Assistant Professor

  9. Dr Surendra Singh Assistant Professor

  10. Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singh Assistant Professor

  11. Dr. Nandjee Singh Assistant Professor

  12. Dr. Iswar Dayal Choudhary Assistant Professor

  13. Dr. K.P. Sinha Assistant Professor

  14. Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava. Assistant Professor

  15. Sri. Anshu Jamaiar Lecturer / Sr. Resident

Department Of Forensic Medicine

  1. Dr. Tulsi Mahto Professor & H.O.D

  2. Dr. Ajit kumar Choudhary Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Sambhu Sharan Associate Professor

  4. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Lecturer / Sr. Resident

Department Of Medicine

  1. Dr. Arun kumar Mahto Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Jha professor

  3. Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh Professor

  4. Dr. Kaushlendra Kumar Singh Associate Professor

  5. Dr. Jiwan Kumar Mitra Assistant Professor

  6. Dr. Umesh Prasad Assistant Professor

  7. Dr. Abilesh Kumar Assistant Professor

  8. Dr. Vidyapati Assistant Professor

  9. Dr. Ajit Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor

  10. Dr. Chandra Bhushan Sharma Assistant Professor

  11. Dr. Anurag Ratan Paul Assistant Professor

  12. Dr. Sushil Kachhap Assistant Professor

  13. Dr. Bindey Kumar Assistant Professor

  14. Dr. Sajjan Kumar Tulsyan Assistant Professor

  15. Dr. Satyendra Kumar Singh Assistant Professor

  16. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh Assistant Professor

  17. Dr. R.S. Sahu Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  18. Dr. Dilip Kumar Jha Medical Officer

  19. Dr. Manoj kumar Prasad Resident

  20. Dr.(Mrs.) Rashmi Sinha Resident

  21. Dr. Suchi Somya Resident

  22. Dr. Ajit Dungdung Resident

  23. Dr. Abhay Kumar Resident

  24. Dr. Rishi Tuhin Guria Resident

  25. Dr. Chandra Bhushan Kumar Resident

Department Of Pediatrics

  1. Dr. Manorangan Sahay Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Anil Kumar Choudhary Associate Professor

  4. Dr. Krishna Kumar Associate Professor

  5. Dr. Amar Verma Assistant Professor

  6. Dr. Rajiv Mishra Assistant Professor

  7. Dr. Upendra Prasad Sahu Assistant Professor

  8. Dr. (Mrs.) Mini Rani Akhouri Assistant Professor

  9. Dr. Raghunandan Choudhary Medical Officer

  10. Dr. Akhouri Mintu Sinha Resident

  11. Dr. (Mrs.) Sunanda Jha Resident

  12. Dr. Avinash Kumar Resident

Department Of Surgery

  1. Dr. R.N Singh Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Janardan Prasad Professor

  3. Dr. Vir Kumar Jain Professor

  4. Dr. Nawal Kishore Jha Associate Professor

  5. Dr. Ranjan George Baxla Associate Professor

  6. Dr. Binod Kumar Assistant professor

  7. Dr. Shital Malua Assistant professor

  8. Dr. Binay Pratap Assistant professor

  9. Dr. Dipendra Kumar Sinha Assistant professor

  10. Dr. Raj Shekher Sharma Assistant professor

  11. Dr. Mrityunjay Sarawgi Assistant professor

  12. Dr. Arun Kumar Tiwary Assistant professor

  13. Dr. Pankaj Bodra Assistant professor

  14. Dr. Saketan Bhagat Assistant professor

  15. Dr. Shashi Shekhar Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  16. Dr. Krishna Murari Resident

  17. Dr. Farookh Hassan Resident

Department Of Orthopedics

  1. Dr. Ramesh Lal Rajak Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Lal Bahadur Manjhi Assistant Professor

  4. Dr. Vijay Kumar Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  5. Dr. Rajat Charan Resident

  6. Dr. Ajay Kumar Verma Medical Officer

Department Of Neurosurgery

  1. Dr. B.K. Singh Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. C.B. Singh Professor

  3. Dr. Anil Kumar Assistant professor

  4. Dr. Chandra Bhushan Sahay Assistant Professor

  5. Dr. Thomas Justin Minz Lecturer / Sr. Resident

Department Of Obst & Gynae

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Singh Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. (Smt.) Karuna Jha Professor

  3. Dr. (Smt.) Priti Bala Sahay Professor

  4. Dr. (Smt.) Sushma Prasad Associate Professor

  5. Dr. (Smt.) Shashi Bala Singh Assistant Professor

  6. Dr. (Smt.) Rita Lal Assistant Professor

  7. Dr. (Smt.) Anubha Vidyarthi Assistant Professor

  8. Dr. (Smt.) Poonam Singh Assistant Professor

  9. Dr. (Mrs.) Jacinta Minz Assistant Professor

  10. Dr. Bratati Moitra Assistant Professor

  11. Dr. (Mrs.) Gopa Choudhary Assistant Professor

  12. Dr. (Mrs.) Meena Mehta Lecturer / Sr Resident

  13. Dr. (Mrs.) Atima Bharti Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  14. Dr. Neelam Nalani Resident

  15. Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Madhulika Horo Medical Officer

  16. Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Rai Singh Medical Officer.

Department Of E.N.T

  1. Dr. Indra Bhushan Prasad Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Chandra Kant Professor

  3. Dr. Chandra kanti Birua Assistant Professor

  4. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Singh Assistant Professor

  5. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Assistant Professor

  6. Dr. Jahid Mustafa Khan Resident

  7. Dr. Binod Kumar Sinha Medical Officer


  1. Dr. Shiv Narayan Choudhary Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. B.K. Sahay Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Rajiv Kumar Associate Professor

  4. Dr. Ranjit Singh Assistant Professor

  5. Dr. Vidya bhushan Sinha Assistant Professor

  6. Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor

  7. Dr. Soni Sinha Resident

Department Of Anesthesiology

  1. Dr. Jagannath Prasad Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Ajit Kumar Associate Professor.

  3. Dr. Rajesh Khanna Assistant Professor

  4. Dr. Shanti Prakash Assistant Professor

  5. Dr. Azizul Haque Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  6. Dr. Pravin Kumar Tiwary Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  7. Dr. Arvind Kumar Sinha Lecturer / Sr. Resident

  8. Dr. Ladhu Lakra Lecturer / Sr. Resident

Department Of Phygiology

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sushma Sharma Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. (Mrs.) Poonam Singh Associate Professor

  3. Dr. (Mrs.) Manoroma Bihari Associate Professor

  4. Dr. Govind Jee Sahay Associate Professor

  5. Dr. (Mrs.) Ranjit Kumar Arora Assistant Professor

  6. Dr.Mukul Chandra Gope Tutor

Department Of Biochemistry

  1. Dr. K.K. Sinha Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Ajit Kumar Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Roselin Toppo tutor

  4. Dr. Santosh Kumar Tutor

Department Of Microbiology

  1. Dr. Lal Bihari Pandey Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Rabindra Nath Behra Professor.

  3. Dr. Suresh Prasad Associate Professor

  4. Dr. Narayan Prasad Sahu Associate Professor

  5. Dr. Awadesh Kumar Agrawal Assistant Professor

  6. Sr. Suman Dubey Tutor.

Department Of Pharmacology

  1. Dr. Janardan Sharma Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. (Smt.) Manju Gari Professor

  3. Dr. Satish Chandra Associate Professor

  4. Dr. (Smt.) Purbi Roy Associate Professor

  5. Dr. Bhulan Prasad Loc Associate Professor

  6. Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita Toppo tutor

  7. Dr. (Mrs.) Abha Kumari Tutor

  8. Dr.Uma Shankar Prasad Keshri Tutor

Department Of P.S.M

  1. Dr. Shamim Haider Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Vivek Kashayap Associate Professor

  3. Dr. Nahesh Kumar Goel Tutor

  4. Dr. Manish Kujur Tutor

  5. Dr. Anand Kumar Jagani Medical Officer

  6. Dr. Semim Afroz Medical Officer

  7. Dr. Binay Kumar Medical Officer

  8. Dr. Sudha Srivastava Medical Officer

  9. Dr. Anupam Kumar Choudhary Medical Officer

Blood Bank

  1. Dr. A.K. Singh Medical officer

  2. Dr. Kanti Kumar Singh Medical Officer

Department Of Emergency

  1. Dr. A.P. Singh Medical Officer

  2. Dr. Laxman Mandal Medical Officer

  3. Dr. Vinod Kumar Sinha Medical Officer

  4. Dr. Umesh Kumar Medical Officer

  5. Dr. Saroj Kumar Medical Officer

  6. Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Sinha Medical Officer

Department Of Anatomy

  1. Dr. (Mrs.) Renu Prasad Professor & H.O.D

  2. Dr. Narendra Thakur Professor

  3. Dr. Ashok Kumar Dubey Associate Professor

Department Of Skin S.T.D & Leprosy

  1. Dr. Arun Kumar Singh Professor & HOD

  2. Dr. Shyam Sundar Choudhary Professor

  3. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor

Department Of Radiology

  1. Dr. Madhup lal Professor & HOD
  2. Dr. Chandra Mohan Professor
  3. Dr. Neeraj Kumar Assistant Professor

Department Of Psychiatry

  1. Dr. Ashok Kumar Prasad Associate Professor

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