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RIMS dilemma: Who?s the boss?

Ranchi, Aug. 19: Two bosses may get the job done in an easier and a more effective manner, but in Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) such a situation has only given rise to confusions.

At present, the post of a permanent director is vacant and, therefore, the senior-most doctor, Jagannath Prasad, is officiating as the director.

However, about a month back, the government appointed Pooja Singhal, an IAS officer, director (administration).

Singhal is holding meetings with officials, making announcements and visiting other states to ?study? medical colleges and hospitals.

Interestingly, Singhal has occupied the official chamber, meant for the director, while the director sits elsewhere.

According to the RIMS Act, the director is the head of the institution.

Two directors were appointed, but they left the job soon. Since then, no effort has been made to fill up the vacancy at the top. The last permanent director Alok Kumar Dubey quit the job on November 23 last year.

Even after three years of its existence, the government has not been able to find a full-time director.

In the absence of a full-fledged director, Prasad has been holding the charge.

According to the act governing the institution, the RIMS governing body is to give an extension every six months in case of an acting director.

It is the director, and not the director (administration), who represents the institute, as member-secretary, in the RIMS governing body.

Sources said that the post of director (administration) is not new. The post existed earlier too, but remained unnoticed.

It was only after the state government?s appointment of an IAS officer, as administrative chief, that the director?s post has been overshadowed, and the administrative chief started getting more prominence, they added.

?It?s a peculiar situation. As per the act, the director is the head. But now, the director (administration) is doing everything. The director is nowhere. We do not know who is the boss. If the director (administration) is doing everything, then what is the use of a director?? asked a doctor, on condition of anonymity.

By appointing Singhal as the administrative director, the government has only added to the confusion, which was already existing in RIMS due to the absence of a full-fledged director, the doctor further added.

?Instead of adding to the confusion, the RIMS administration should initiate the process to appoint a regular director,? he opined.

According to another doctor, RIMS is under attack from every quarter.

?The special Assembly committee regularly inspects the institute. There has to be a permanent director so that there is stability at the top level. Unless that is done, no reforms can take place in RIMS. It is very difficult to run the institute in an ad hoc manner for a long time,? he added.

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