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Medical council quizzes RIMS head - RIMS check: Query on temporary staff, rusted microscope

Medical Council of India member Malti Mehra (right) during an inspection at RIMS.

Ranchi, March 19, 2008: The director of the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) cut a sorry figure when Malti Mehra, a member of the Medical Council of India (MCI), asked him if it was proper to appoint an audiologist on daily wages in a government-run institute like RIMS.

Mehra was inspecting the outdoor unit of the ENT department on the first day of her visit to RIMS with Madhur Yadav and Sushma Pandey. She placed a few questions before RIMS director N.N. Agarwal after learning that the only audiologist of RIMS, Vivek Mohan, was working on daily wages despite having adequate qualifications.

“The technician has shown his appointment letter to me when I was interacting with him. You issued the letter on February 29 this year and it clearly shows that he is on daily wages. How can he work properly in such a way?” she was heard asking the director.

A RIMS doctor admitted to the problem and said temporary workers were doing a majority of the work at the institute and there was a need of staff members. “It is easy to provide building and equipment to run an institute like RIMS but for using the equipment and maintaining the infrastructure an adequate number of employees is required,” a doctor said, requesting anonymity.

Agarwal was not available for comment, as he was busy escorting the members to the central pathology department, CT scan room, hematology laboratory, experimental physiology laboratory and the anatomy department of RIMS till The Telegraph reporter accompanying them was forbidden to do so.

Sources said Mehra also expressed concern over the non-availability of a radiation technician at the CT scan room and poor condition of the hematology laboratory. “Why is the microscope in a rusted condition? This does not look like a laboratory at all,” a source quoted her.

The MCI team would carry out its inspection till tomorrow and send its report within a few days. An MCI team visits RIMS every year to check the progress of the institute. The government also contributes to satisfy the MCI team. “As a result of a regular inspection, RIMS is gradually improving,” said a nursing staff of the institute, requesting anonymity.

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