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Cupid's arrows hit RIMS medics

AIM Right: A RIMS student takes part in the javelin throw at the athletics meet in Synergy-08 in Ranchi.

Ranchi, Feb. 14: "To hear what is unspoken, to see what is unseen, and to feel without touching is the miracle called schizophrenia... and people call it love," - reads a message on a board at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS).

Since they shoulder grave issues of life and death all year round, young doctors at Ranchi's premier health centre today indulged in a bit of the "frivolous".

The doctors organised a series of contests to celebrate Valentine's Day comprising of a message-writing competition (hence the quirky messages on the board), a painting (of both the face and the canvas) meet and some athletics events.

"We wanted everyone to participate. So, we had the message-writing competition to encourage anyone who wished to join in - either to poke fun at the day or take it seriously," said Ritika, a student of the 2004 batch. She was the record in-charge at the event.

The set of cultural events was called Kalakriti, comprising canvas and face painting competitions - along with a sketching meet.

The theme for the canvas-painting contest was "Flowers in the flowerpots" while for the sketching competition the participants drew their versions of "Child in mother's lap". "Huliya" or the face painting competition was a "free-style" event giving each participant a chance to choose his or her topic. Young doctors Garima and Khushboo bagged the first prize for their theme - Devil verses the Divine.

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